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10 Benefits Cats whiskers For Medicinal Plants – Benefits Cats Whisker as a medicinal plant which is highly efficacious in healing various kinds of diseases ranging from mild to severe thanks to compounds and nutrients found in the fruit of the cat’s whiskers.Manfaat Minyak zaitun untuk kesehatan dan Kecantikan

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Benefits Cats whiskers

Whiskers cat gets its scientific name Orthosiphon aristatus belonging to the family Labiatae. These plants include upright herb that is at the root of his books there and a height of up to 2 meters. Spreading cat’s whiskers in tropical climates such as Asia Startlingly from Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, until the entry into the Philippines.

Efficacy Cats whiskers
Usefulness of cats whiskers in the lives of quite a lot and of course all of these properties can not be separated from the large number of chemical substances that are good for health.

Various rheumatic diseases such as diuretics and can be cured by gathering the leaves of the plant dry cat whiskers (botanicals). In some areas of Indonesia inhabitants also uses whiskers as a folk remedy for cough, back pain, constipation and colds.

Chronic diseases that can be handled effectively by the herb is also not a few, such as the efforts to cure inflammation of the kidneys, diabetes, kidney stones, ambuminuria and syphilis. Someone whose blood glucose levels in excess may be reduced if the regular consumption of water infusion or decoction of the leaves cat whiskers.

Benefits Cats whiskers
Cat’s whiskers advantages compared to other natural medicinal plants blessed by the content of some chemical substances such as oil atsisi, saponin, sapofonin, sinensetin, mioinositol, tannic substances and potassium.

Not a few traditional medical experts who agreed to make the cat’s whiskers in the list of medicinal herbs without side effects, it is approved after skipping the process of analyzing the side effects of the chemical compounds contained therein.

While the following we will provide information about the benefits of cat’s whiskers to treat many diseases.

1. Kidney Stones

Prepare approximately 20 leaves or 3 handheld leaf dry cat whiskers already rinsed with running water.
If there are trees around the house nasty shard, you can reap about 5 pieces of leaves. Do not forget to wash with running water until clean.
Boil the leaves in 2 cups water to boil.
Take medication regularly kidney stone 2 times a day each one glass.

2. Streamlining Expenditure Air Incontinence

The combination of materials between the cat’s whiskers, meniran plant and grass roots taste.
Boil the three ingredients together 3 cups water in a saucepan.
Wait until the water boils and the remaining half of the dose of water early, then wait for the cold.
Drinking boiled water regularly three times a day each 1/2 cup.

3. Diabetes

Pick sektiar 15 leaves cat whiskers, after wash.
Boil in 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup.
Wait a little cooler, and then drink regularly 1 times a day.

4. Whitish

Boil a pinch of leaves and leaf cat whiskers beluntas.
After that prepared well 1 teaspoon cumin and 10 seeds cubeb until the water is really boiling.
Take medication regularly whitish 1 times a day.

5. Pain

Provide 7 leaves cat whiskers and 2 pieces of root cat’s whiskers.
Boil in 1 cup water to a boil.
Finally, drink potions back pain is regularly 2 times a day.

6. Sign Wind

Boil leaves cat whiskers to taste in a glass of water.
Let the water boil and discharge the water remaining half of the original amount.
Wait until cool, then drink until they run regularly.

Benefits cat’s whiskers as other drugs are eases the pain of gout, cure gout, bladder infections, and pain when urinating. Potion its still the same, you only need to boil the leaves cat whiskers as needed and taken regularly until you suffered health problems can recover gradually.

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