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12 Benefits of Carrots For Skin, Hair, and Health – The content of carbohydrates and vitamin laden carrots provides many benefits for the skin, hair and health.

Carrots are vegetables with bright orange color. The most commonly eaten is the tuber, which saves a lot of essential nutrients for the body. The benefits of carrots is best known for memelhara eyes to remain lucid and capable of strengthening the power of vision. Communities know these properties because it contained vitamin A in carrots is high.

Manfaat wortel untuk kesehatan

Actually, there are many benefits of carrots, such as caring for the skin to keep it clean, maintain gastrointestinal health thanks to fiber is able to raise up to 25% of stool so that such problems can be overcome constipation, and still there are many other benefits thanks to the content of carrots.

Carrots also offers a number of benefits for dental health and intelligence. No wonder if the rabbit is able to move quickly and has a bright white color of the teeth and clear eye also sharp in sight, because this animal is a carrot lover.

Carrots for health benefits

This plant saves a lot of benefits that you should know. The following uses a carrot for the skin, especially external use by applying it as a concoction of beauty treatments.

1. Make your skin look radiant
Clean skin once shining is one dream every person, especially women. Appearances seemed perfect when reinforced with bright skin color. However, to have skin as you desire, need extra care and routine so sweet fruition.

Take care of mixing or make a face mask of carrot combined with honey. Do not forget to help with the consumption of carrots, you can eat it alone or used as a juice, both are equally efficacious. Consumption of carrots will help brighten the skin from the inside. The reason is because carrots are full of vitamin C and antioxidants that can help you get glowing skin.

2. Can soothe the skin after work
Let’s face prolonged exposure to sunlight is not good for skin health. Additionally, you must have never felt uncomfortable skin as shortly afterwards. The feeling is present for the facial skin taut, dirty, dusty and tired from a day of blazing sun radiates left.

After work, take a little of your time to give more attention to the face. Use a facial spray made from carrots, here’s how:

Take one carrot, clean it with a slightly slicing the crust until the dirt lifted.
Blender until the pasta is quite thick, do not forget to give a little bit of water before the blend.
Combine carrot pasta in rose water to taste, stirring until dissolved.
Put it in a spray bottle that had been cleaned.
Spray directly of liquid is created by mixing carrot and rosewater.

By regularly applying this perelaksasian after work, you will get fresh faces as well as healthy.

3. Able to moisturize the face
The benefits of carrots for the skin, which is used as a natural moisturizer. You do not know how to make carrot mask to hydrate the face? Here’s a guide to make it.

Materials need to be prepared:

Grate a carrot clean, take as much as 2 teaspoons.
Pure honey and milk cream 1 teaspoon of the total.
Olive oil to taste, I’ll just use a few drops.

The process of making face cream:

Put grated carrot into a small bowl.
Add all ingredients, then crushed using a hand that has been coated plastic sterile.

How to use:

Moisten the surface of the skin with warm water, slightly massaged so that the pores open. Drain briefly with disposable pat hand.
Apply mask carrot that is so evenly, let stand 10-15 minutes.
Clean with how splashed cold water little by little as he cleaned a mask attached to the face.
Pat dry with a manner both hands gently.

In an instant you will know that the benefits of carrots for the face actually exists.

4. Giving effect wound healing
Carrots offer accelerate wound healing effect on the skin. This is because the anti-inflammatory properties of carrots able to revitalize the once smooth skin tone. You can grate raw carrots, then cover the wound with grated carrots. Perform this treatment regularly so that you know that the benefits of carrots for wound healing really proved.

5. Treat skin diseases
Carrots can be used to prevent and treat various types of diseases that attack the skin, such as acne, rash, dermatitis or inflammation of the skin, and other skin diseases that occur due to deficiency of vitamin A.

The content of the antioxidant is responsible for handling the disease. But you are not allowed to eat carrots excessive because it endanger the health of skin, such as the color of the surface skin turns yellowish orange.

6. Addressing dry skin
Dry skin is a classic problem commonly experienced by men, but did not rule out the possibility of women also experience. Potassium deficiency is one factor that triggers the skin to become dry.

Carrots become agents who offer potassium to the skin. With sufficient supply of potassium, then the skin will be moist and chewy. If you are dehydrated, carrot juice are also able to hydrate the body effectively.

7. Useful as blocking sunlight
Plenty of sun-block products that use the carrot as a mixture or composition. From here you will certainly strongly believe that the carrot is naturally give blocker effects of sunlight.

If you want to feel the benefits of carrots this one, do not use external use. Before the move, make a cup of fresh carrot juice. The content of antioxidants and beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A helps protect the skin from the sun.

Carrot juice consumption also makes the skin preserved even if you have to move under direct sunlight. But still the skin needs protection from the outside. Use products sun block with an SPF of 30 to make it more resistant to light that directly strikes the skin.

8. Maintain skin elasticity
Vitamin C in carrots can optimize the production of collagen that our bodies need. Collagen itself is a type of protein that serves to maintain skin elasticity. With the preservation of skin elasticity, then problems like wrinkles will be prevented.

You can look youthful as carrots can prevent premature aging. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant also helps to deny free radicals that bring the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, pigment abnormal, and uneven skin tone.

9. Get rid of stains on the face
Noda facial acne can arise due to the imprint or sometimes called black spots. This beauty problems can be eliminated with the help of carrots that are effectively able to clean the stain attached to the skin. How can the carrot porridge apply on the face, do regularly at least three times a week.

In addition to good skin, still hidden benefits of carrots for hair. Here are some of them.

10. Reduce hair loss
Carrots are full of vitamin A and carotenoids become agents fertilizer hair. With and encouraged the growth of healthy hair, you will be free from hair loss problems. Blood circulation around the scalp becomes more smoothly because of all the vitamins contained in carrots work together to give effect to the hair healthy.

11. Stimulate Hair Growth
Hormones will affect each person’s hair growth. Unfortunately, not everyone has a perfect hormones that encourage hair growth which is stable, so most anyone experiencing hair thinness and even baldness.

Carrots can stimulate hair growth and make hair so thick at once dense. The reason is the amount of vitamin A and E in healthy vegetables can help increase the production of hair follicles. Eat more vegetables or carrot juice regularly to your hair to be healthy and free from various problems.

12. Restoring the luster of the hair
Vitamin A in carrots played a starring role in the hair, the way that makes the hair jet black color to make it look more shiny. Because vitamin A to vitamin important for the hair, you can meet those needs with the consumption of carrots. This way, you do not need to take supplements of vitamin A

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