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12 Various Benefits of Banana Leaf – One of the benefits of banana leaves as food wrappers certainly not the only benefit of banana leaves that can be taken. But almost all parts of the banana has a benefit each – each. Starting from the leaves, fruit, banana roots, heart and banana stem. And a variety of uses that can be used or processed into food, fertilizer, medicine and others. Of course it can be to find out what are the benefits of a banana leaf banana leaf for seldom used in addition to the already widely used now that are as food wrapping. Manfaat lidah buaya untuk kesehatan dan Kecantikan

Manfaat Daun Pisang

12 Various Benefits of Banana Leaf

In the food used as wrappers are also available benefits and a wide range. Such benefits have an impact on food wrapped or also benefits in lieu of the plate when it will be used for eating. Because most people only know the banana leaves as food and only a few people know about the benefits of banana leaves that can actually be very helpful in making healthy lifestyle.

Banana Leaves For Food
1. Food Packaging
The benefits of the first course as the food wrapping. Layer contained banana leaves have the same texture with wax. So that when the food is wrapped in banana leaves, food wrapped does not become sticky. It also can add a distinctive aroma. When used for steaming or steaming foods, will add a unique flavor.
2. Hygiene
Banana Leaf is one of hygienic food packaging. Banana leaves are better used for packaging food compared with the plastic wrapping can cause health problems because the plastic is made with polymers that can cause cancer, especially if the food was hot wraps.
3. Appetite
The aroma of banana leaves can increase appetite owned. For that, a lot of traditional food wrapped in banana leaves or banana leaves as plate because it can increase appetite.
4. Non-Hazardous
Banana leaves as a base or a replacement plate when used to eating. Because it can avoid plastic material or also when the plate is used not washed clean.
5. Interest
Food wrapped in banana leaves is considered more attractive and can make food wrapped in it looks more natural and clean.

In addition to the benefits of banana leaves as food wrappers banana leaves is also beneficial to health and also have other benefits. In choosing a banana leaf is also to be seen again, if it was kept clean. Because it is not uncommon to use banana leaves are not hygienic and only used the fabric unclear whether clean or not. But when used it is certainly also not forget the need to preserve the existing banana leaves. Not to just wear it alone but do not pay attention to the preservation of nature and availability of existing banana leaves. Because the banana leaf has a very important benefit.

Other Benefits of Banana Leaf
As mentioned previously, there are several other benefits of banana leaves that can be obtained, namely in terms of health. Such benefits include:
1. Drug Luka
Benefits of banana leaves firstly as a natural cure wounds. The means used to treat wounds is to clean banana leaves by washing them first. Further smoothing banana leaf and paste gets injured. Of course they can be used in only minor injuries.
2. Dandruff
If you experience problems on the scalp is dandruff, can use banana leaves as a solution. Banana leaves are chopped and crushed prior to removing water or juice banana leaf. Furthermore, banana leaf extract and apply to all parts of the head. And let stand a few moments, then rinse with clean water.
3. Neutralizing toxins
If you bite of insects such as bees, wasps, mosquitoes or ants. Banana leaves can be used to neutralize toxins and causes no further effect continues. Destroy banana leaves until smooth and can be applied gets affected by insect bites.
4. Drug Fever
Feels weird is not it? But indeed, banana leaf can be used to treat fever. Certainly not by drinking juice banana leaves. But uses by attaching the banana leaf that has been cleaned and smeared with coconut oil to the forehead. And the long, hot fever will decrease.
5. Smooth Skin
Believe it or not, banana leaf can be used as a substitute ingredient for beauty creams. Besides can make beautiful and smooth skin can also be a good germ killer and can avoid skin irritation either mild or severe.
6. Drug Skin Inflammation
Inflammation of the skin can be treated with a banana leaf which has been used as an ointment products. And can be applied to the affected part of inflammation.
7. Endurance Body
A weak immune system can be improved by using a banana leaf. It is strange indeed, but a substance contained in a banana leaf that is allantolin can be transformed into an anti-oxidant that can be produced. In addition to increasing endurance also can counteract free radicals that nowadays is increasingly dangerous.

And many more banana leaves some benefits that can be obtained is to be made as art. Can be used as a material for paint canvas or also for wall decoration. Actually, the easiest way to get the benefits of banana leaves is by wrapping the food we eat or buy food wrapped in banana leaves. So that the existing content in a banana leaf can be absorbed into the food. Thus indirectly later than to enjoy food can also get a good efficacy of banana leaves itself.

The benefits of banana leaves can also be known either through the internet or through books. Certainly not just know it, better able to take advantage of the existing natural ingredients. abundant natural resources, especially in banana leaves this to be a very important thing to make a healthy life. Because increasingly many products contain chemicals that can harm health. And banana leaves can be a solution of the proliferation of harmful products.

Innovation is therefore imperative to take advantage of a banana leaf. Because it can be seen, knowledge of banana leaves and there is minimal benefit known by the public. To that end, the role of the government would be needed in the utilization of this banana leaf. Not many products that use natural ingredients in the manufacturing process. Good products daily needs – day or other products. Because of the costs and also prioritize the quantity than the quality of the products that will be sold later. Therefore, especially for banana leaf, can be used again. In addition to countless benefits can also make the benefits of banana leaf is increasingly recognized by all circles and walks of life throughout Indonesia.

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