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16 Pandan Leaves Benefits – What are the benefits of pandan leaves for the health of our bodies? Here’s his review, pandan leaves is one kind of plant that can be encountered in all regions in Indonesia. These leaves are often used by people as a natural food fragrance ingredients in processed foods such as porridge, cakes, drinks and others. But do you know? Turns pandan leaf also has a myriad of benefits for humans. Want to know what benefit? Consider the following information. Penyebab dan cara pencegahan kanker servik


Pandan leaf has many nutrients that are very important and needed by the body such as alkanoid, tannins and glycosides. All the nutritional content is very good and important for the human body which can include treating various kinds of diseases.
Pandan Leaves For Health Benefits

Here are a few types of diseases that can be treated using pandanus leaves, among which:

1. Helps treat smallpox

2. Relieves headache

3. Overcoming pain in the chest

4. Overcoming disturbances in bone and joint or arthritis

5. Overcoming pain in the ear

6. Treating coughs

7. Treat fever

8. Overcoming leprosy

9. Relieve the symptoms of abdominal cramps
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10. Relieve cramps in the abdomen

11. Skin problems or other skin diseases.

In addition, there are many other benefits contained in pandan leaves, such as:

12. Can freshen the mouth

13. Cure your toothache and gum.

How processing pandan leaves to treat disorders of the mouth can be done by chewing the leaves of pandanus few minutes and do not induce vomiting until the treatment is completed. Do this 2-3 times a day, in a moment of pain will disappear and heal.

14. pandan leaves can also be used as a laxative for children.

The cooking methods, namely by boiling 2 pandan leaf old but fresh with 1 cup of water, then boiled until the water changes color and lift. Once the water is warm enough to drink, give your child regularly and drink 2 times a day.

15. Relieve tired and exhausted at the time after childbirth

16. Addressing the symptoms of nervous weakness and also rheumatism

To relieve fatigue and symptoms of the disease nervous weakness can boil it and drink the water regularly every day, while for treating rheumatism can be done by rubbing the pandan leaves mixed with olive oil while gently massaged on the affected part. In a few days the pain would subside.

Now that you know the various benefits contained in this pandan leaves, you should plant pandanus plants behind the house or yard, so you will be easier to get it on when needed. In addition, the plant is also suitable to be used as an ornamental plant.

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