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17 Benefits of Pumpkin Yellow for Baby Health – Diet – Most of you will remember pumpkin. Because food is often a mixture of iced fruit when you eat during fasting. Pumpkin commonly known as pumpkin does have a unique flavor. He is strong with its distinctive flavor, but still does not die when it is mixed into all kinds of drinks. You can eat together ice fruit, pumpkin compote, as well as bread and various getuk pumpkin. Naturally delicious is not it? Manfaat rebusan daun pepaya


Indeed, not only the flesh alone that you can reap the benefits and usefulness. For a lot of people also like grains of seeds from the pumpkin’s seeds.

The content of pumpkin

kuningKelezatan pumpkin benefits, it is also not inferior to its content per 100 grams of flesh. Who would have thought, if the nutrients found in this fruit consists of beta carotene, calories, protein, and fat. Not only that, because there are still some types of mineral substances also termaktup d idalamnya. One of them is calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, copper, and zinc.

There was also a carbohydrate, making us feel ‘full’ after eating pumpkin or pumpkin compote. For that if during fasting you feel full after eating compote, then postpone eating rice. Several types of vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, K, thiamine, niacin, lutein, zeaxanthin, riboflavin, patoneat acid, B6, folate and pro-vitamin A that is predominant.

This good nutritional content makes it beneficial for health:

1. Maintain and nourish the eyes

Content of the greatest role in this case is vitamin A. Its content was 426 grams capable of helping to maintain and care for the eyes. It is the recommended from the doctor because our eyes get older, the lens pupil will increasingly turbid. Thus, from now to reduce it by eating lots of vitamin A. Moreover, there is the content of pro-vitamin A that at any moment ready to be converted into vitamin A.

2. Fight free radicals

Benefits of pumpkin also has anti-oxidant compounds. It is very handy to ward off or fight the free radicals that almost every day to attack yourself. Especially if you are the type of people who often do a lot of outdoor activity and under the scorching sun.

3. Looks ageless

The food was much sought after today is that has the benefit of keeping yourself in order to look younger. One of the benefits of vitamin which helps a lot in this respect is vitamin E. kandunganya of 0.44 gram enough to help you. Because these vitamins keep your skin firmness.

4. Minimize the degenerative diseases: Hypertension

One type of degenerative disease most suffered by the people of Indonesia are hypertension or high blood pressure. It mostly attacks mature woman after she passes menopause. The presence of potassium can reduce the risk of this disease.

6. Overcoming constipation

Constipation is one disease that attacks your digestive organs, making it difficult to defecate. Even to bleed if you have a bowel movement. You can treat it with the health benefits of pumpkin for this. Because the fiber content in dalamya able to improve digestion you.

7. The growth of bones and teeth

Benefits of pumpkin for baby is also good and suitable for children who are growing. Because there is the content of calcium and phosphorus. Both of these substances when working together will help the formation of bones and teeth, and penguatanya. That is why seniors are strongly encouraged to consume milk which contains calcium and phosphorus.

8. Good for people with cancer

Cancer patients is very risky to intake of food that goes into their bodies. For that they are very concerned. One menu is good for them is pumpkin. Because beta-carotene is able to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

9. As an anti-inflammatory agent

Kandunganya beta carotene is good for cancer, it is also good as an anti-inflammatory. It is able to reduce the risk of swelling in your body.

10. Reduce the risk of stroke

Your habit of eating pumpkin is also good for your bad cholesterol. For existing sediment capable menghandurkan apda artery wall. It if persists able to reduce the risk.

11. Good for people with Anemia

If you are seseorag many strenuous and outside environment, usually suffer from anemia. Because they are busy, forget to eat, or just take potluck. For example, only had time to eat instant noodles only. Eventually you will be affected by anemia.

So one way to cope with a lot of eating pumpkin or pumpkin. 0.8 mg iron content, although not too much can help to process your red blood cell formation.

12. Protects energy
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If you’re too lazy to eat rice, eat compote alone is enough to block the stomach while. For as much as 2.76 grams sugar content is able to restore your energy that has drained all day. Benefits of pumpkin for this diet, because the sugar will be processed into energy to be stored in the muscle.

13. One companion menu ation

You understand the meaning of ‘food supplement for asi’? This shows that the benefits of pumpkin for infants and nutrition, do no harm. Even better for babies aged 6 months. Many nutrition and the benefits and tender texture makes it easy to digest baby’s gut

14. Assist system imunnitas

Very good for consumption because it can boost the immune system. High vitamin C content as well as their spleen lymphocyte proliferation were working full poison to kill cells to cancer cells.

15. As helminthic

Kadaan children are especially vulnerable to the worm, so they were not able to put on weight as the other children. The worms are able to enter and infect the sufferer. The content of the flask is able to work fully to help cure and prevention afterwards. With the proviso if taken regularly.

16. Maintaining stable blood sugar

Pumpkin although containing sugar are arguably enough to mengembalika energy, it is still considered mild. Because sugar is included in the chain of disaccharide which is good for the body. It even helps to stabilize blood sugar for adults who are prone to diabetes.

17. Calming nerves

Eating pumpkin also have a psychological effect. The content of magnesium was able to make syarag you become relaxed. Fun is not it?

That’s the benefit to consume pumpkin. Good luck..

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