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Have you ever felt confused what to wear when having to attend a party invitation? Then you decide to buy new clothes, but if you look into the closet, your wardrobe in the closet pretty much and everything is still worth taking. The reason you usually dress color is faded, there are stubborn stains, shrinks, has already been used, and so forth.

Kemeja flanel online become easily damaged because most owners do not understand how to care for clothes so durable and always looks new. The most fundamental thing to take care of clothing is to know the type of fabric. Each type of fabrics require different treatments. Then pay attention to the label how to wash and iron are usually found on the inside of the shirt.

source: www.wikihow.com

source: www.wikihow.com

Five stages of treatment these clothes you should note that your clothing durable and always looks new.

1. Stage wash
Washing is the beginning of the process in the care of your clothing. Different types of fabrics, different wash technique. Usually at clothing label already mentioned how the clothes should be washed, whether using plain water, warm water or water should not be used at all, which means you have to bring it to the dry cleaning laundry services. Separate white and colored clothes, the level of filth, and the type of material because of some kind of fabric should not be washed using the washing machine. You should also pay attention to the use of detergent or soap. Therefore, choose a detergent that is safe for the skin. At the end of washing, use a fabric softener that the clothes you are fragrant and soft. Downy Passion fragrance, Attraction, Innocence and you can choose according to your character.

2. Stage sunning
Drying clothes hanger should use, in order to keep a good shape. Except clothing from stocking material, using hangers may cause stretch in the neck. Drying clothes in a state upside down, inside the outside. This is to prevent the color of the clothes became quickly fade in the sun.

3. Phase ironing
Clothes to be ironed should be completely in dry conditions, so as not to smell musty. Liquid lubricants can also be used for clothing do not damage fabric. Set the iron temperature so as not to cause your clothes to be damaged.

4. Stage Storage
Keep clothes that are neat and fragrant in the wardrobe closed so that no dust and dirt. Use perfuming clothes can be hung in a closet or use camphor. If you do not want to bother, Downy long-lasting fragrance can also be relied upon to make clothes and your closet is maintained fragrance. In addition, the clothing should be arranged neatly stored or hung in a closet and not crowded.

5. How to use
Special and expensive clothes should not be overused. Clothes that you wear to move out of the house, should also not be used for day-to-day at home let alone brought to bed. Adjust usage to your needs and place. You can also mixing and matching the clothes in the closet so as not to get bored.

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