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5 Important Benefits Of SEO

It is well known blogger if SEO is very important in supporting the success of the blog that we have to appear on the front page of search results on a particular keyword. With such results will certainly have a positive impact in order to increase traffic to our blog.

Source: www.designerwebni.co

Source: www.designerwebni.co

In addition to the above benefits, is there any other benefits?
Let’s take apart one by one the Benefits of SEO for bloggers like us.

Blogs get a good position in search engine result pages.

This is normal if we apply SEO techniques in our blog. A blog that has been specially designed using SEO design will always perform optimally in the search engine result pages. Why is this so? In the opinion of Master SEO, optimization of blogs with SEO techniques can manipulate our blog to be able to appear on the front page of search results. This is supported because the methods used in SEO techniques is in line with the method of the search engines in indexing content that exists in our blog. SEO techniques will easily accelerate the search engine robots to crawl or crawl our blog so that all the content in our blog can be absorbed well by the search engines. The result? Yes, of course this will optimize our blog’s position in the search results.

Blog we get a lot of visits.

This is related to the above benefits. The more often our blog appear on the main page of search results, then a visit to our blog would be even greater. Usually the biggest source of traffic a blog is through search engines. Well, if we are able to capitalize on this opportunity by a good SEO techniques, the blog of the potential traffic to our blog would be even greater.

People searching the clouds do not because they wanted to visit the blog or website where they deem good, but because they need information. And because they do not know on a blog or website where the information they are looking for it is displayed, then they use the serach engine. Well, they also kemunginkinan only going to visit a blog that appears on the front page. Very rarely visited up to page two, three, four, and so on. If no relevant information, they must have thought was wrong to enter a keyword and think to change by entering different keywords. What if our blog that appears on the main page? And what about his fate if our blog that appears on the back pages? This is where SEO plays a role in helping to raise the quality of our blog.

Increase Alexa Traffic Rank.

Alexa Traffic Rank is strongly associated with the number of visits to our blog. The more total visits of people to our blog, then ranking Alexa Traffic Rank of our blog will get better. The good ranking Alexa Traffic Rank is characterized by increasingly smaller value. For more details about what the Alexa Traffic Rank, could be the explanation here. And to see more clearly how to get ranked good Alexa Traffic Rank, could be the explanation here.

Opportunities earn money online through ads will be even greater.

One advertiser noted references in advertising on a blog is PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank. The better the second rank, then the potential of our blog to get the ad would be even greater. Usually this applies to the type of PPC advertising. However, it is possible also to earn income through other online businesses. So, the more ads that appear in our blog it also will create opportunities for us to earn revenue through greater online business is not it?

Blog we became famous.

The more often your blog to appear in search results, it will make your blog more and more known by the public. Moreover, if the information that we provided is useful and can help their difficulties. Well, certainly our blog will always be remembered and always visited each other information they need. As a result? Over time, the blog also we will be famous is not it? Of course the person will distribute the information if we blog qualified and useful information to his friends.


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