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5 Tips and How to Increase Height After the Age of 25 Years

Everyone knows that a person’s height can be increased and a stop at a certain age. Height woman can grow up to the age of about 18 years, while for men up to the age of about 24 years. Increases in height is influenced by the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the body.cara ampuh menghilangkan varises



To add height when it has reached the age of adulthood is difficult. This happens because the production of growth hormone will slowly stop. In addition, the cartilage tissue in the spine that affects the person’s height will slowly turn into hard bone. This is what makes a person’s height can not be increased again.

How to increase height
To add height after a 25-year-old is really hard to do. This was due to the growth of bone at this age are stopped. While surgery and hormone replacement that has been done by many people who want to increase height is extremely dangerous and can be detrimental to overall health.

However, there are some tricks and tips that can help to raise the body a few centimeters, or at least look taller. Here are some ways to add height after 25 years of age or older.

Consuming nutrition and proper nutrition is very influential on the increase in a person’s height. The body must get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help the process of growth and increase height. Foods that contain lots of calcium, phosphorus, iodine and magnesium is apt for consumption for those who want to add height. Besides reducing fat consumption should also be restricted as they may interfere with the absorption of nutrients by the body.

Some foods that contain lots of protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and calcium dangat necessary for the growth and development of the body is as follows.

Egg yolk
Green vegetable
Nuts such as almonds and peanuts
Chicken meat
Fruits like apples and bananas
Milk and milk products

The role of calcium in the body’s overall development process can not be ignored. This nutrient is essential for bone growth and maintenance. Highly recommended to consume milk and dairy products to meet the calcium needs. In addition, inadequate water also needs to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily to detoxify the body.

Sunlight is one source of vitamin D that can help improve bone health, and the effect on height growth. Exposure to sunlight, especially in the morning or evening is very good for bone growth, ultraviolet radiation at that time was very low.

Tips and How to Increase Height After the Age of 25 Years
stretching exercises
Stretching exercises are essential to stimulate growth and can add to a person’s height. Additionally, sports such as cycling and swimming can also help increase height. Some types of exercise that can help raise the body after the age of 25 years are as follows.

The exercise begins by standing upright, back straight, legs pressed together with the second position. After that, slowly raise your arms to shoulder and hold for a few minutes. Then move your arm back, then inhale when the arms up and exhale when the arm moves downward. This exercise can make the body more upright posture and can add height
Exercise to increase height also can be done by lying on your back, and stretch the left leg toward the right leg and vice versa. Then return to the starting position
To add height can also be done by hanging himself with his feet not touching the floor. Afterwards swing the body forward and back, and then went straight back to its original position

Yoga can also help keep your posture in order to remain upright and can influence height. In addition, by routinely and regularly do yoga also can stimulate growth hormone someone. Some types of yoga that can affect the height is as follows.

Tadasana, this type of yoga can help lengthen the spine
Bhujanga, this type of yoga practiced repeatedly can be used to keep the spine in order to remain upright and can add height

Enough rest
Adequate sleep is very important to add height. Growth hormone did its job to lengthen the bone when a person in a state of deep sleep. Correct sleeping position is also important to help bone growth. Here are some things that must be done to improve the quality of sleep that can be used to add height.

Use a comfortable mattress
Wear clean, soft and comfortable
Make sure the room is dark and quiet
A warm bath before bedtime
Relax and practice breathing before bed

Although it is difficult to increase height after 25 years old, but by following the steps mentioned above and is done with the right approach, it will get more optimal results.

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