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Everyone must know that the jeans is one of the themed casual pants. Because the impression of a very casual jeans, not infrequently some companies do not allow employees to use a type of jeans trousers. However, the fashion trends are now beginning to show its strength. Now, with a solid match right, you can change the look of casual jeans that had to be impressed neat and professional. With this solid match some companies began to open up opportunities for employees to wear jeans.

source: shopious.com

source: shopious.com

But that does not mean we have to go around wearing jeans. There are some rules you should remember that you can change the impression of casual jeans. Well, if you are a lover of jeans at your place of work, but the company only allows employees to use normal clothing style and professional, then try to follow the tips wear jeans to look formal below.

Matching with Blazer.
Blazer is one of the most appropriate suit of clothes to make the jeans looks formal in a short time. For matching blazer, you can choose V-neck T-shirt, blouse with sheer material, and also the striped jerseys. To reinforce the formal impression on your clothes, choose a blazer with dark colors such as gray, navy or black.

Wear proper shoes
tips wear jeans to look sleek with matching pump shoesKita know clearly that the jeans reflects a casual look. However, if you want to change the look of jeans into a formal, be sure to avoid the sneaker type shoes. Sneaker type shoes will only reinforce the impression of unprofessional when you are working. Well, to display a formal, neat and professional at work, choose a formal and closed shoes. For women it would be better if you use a pump or a ballet shoe with the right flat. Well, for the men, it is better you use choose a shoe types fantofel, oxford or moccasin. These types of shoes will make you and your jeans look neat, professional and formal.

Use Shirts
If you do not much like the blazer, then use the shirt as a supervisor. Choose a collared shirt which can display a formal appearance. For men, you can use the settings plaid shirt, a plain shirt or plain. As for the ladies, you can use a plain shirt or shirt with ribbon or ruffle detail

Choose the right color Jeans
tips wear jeans to look rapiUntuk change the impression of casual jeans and make it appear formal, choose the right color. Avoid jeans with torn motifs, bright, colorful jeans or acid washed jeans. The models pants paired with any model still will feature a casual impression. Because of that, choose jeans with the right colors, namely dark colors like navy, brown or black.

Avoid using a T-shirt
One thing to remember here if you want to look professional and neat is to avoid blend t-shirt with jeans. Matching is clearly manifest impression unprofessional and sloppy. Wear a shirt or provide equivalent outcomes such as blazers in your settings.
That’s tips to make it look formal wear jeans that are easy to follow. So, now do not be confused and upset if you are a lover of jeans, do troubleshooting formal wear jeans to look over and make sure you can bring favorite jeans when working. Good luck.

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