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5 Ways to Treat Masuk Angin With Natural Ingredients – How Mengoati Sign wind, colds regarded as a disease that is common and almost everyone has experienced it. However, what is the “cold” it? Turns out ya in medicine or medicine, has never been recognized or known that his name into the wind. Is it a disease colds? Until now there are many people who think of colds as a disease, but in medicine, there is no evidence to support such kalim. Actually, colds are a symptom of a disease. Cara mengencangkan bokong

obat masuk angin

Symptoms of colds almost similar to the symptoms of influenza disease. Although many people who have suffered from it, nonetheless colds considered a myth for the medical world. The cause of colds usually are because cold air berlebiha, such as too long when it is in the air-conditioned room, often playing in the rain, and so forth. Too tired, often laughing, even one meal also causes colds. If the body feels uncomfortable, it can be a friend to experience symptoms of colds.

Colds often occur when the period of change of weather from dry season to the rainy season or even vice versa. Symptoms of colds come because of physical exhaustion, too late to eat, and also stress. Automatic result of three things, then it would be excessive gas formation in the stomach and intestine of the patient. Diikutilah heartburn then vomiting. If these things have occurred, it has been said that my friend had the name of colds. In addition to these signs, man can also experience dizziness or headache, fever (hot), the throat becomes sore, frequent hiccups, frequent flatulence (farting), flu, even my friend also had diarrhea or diarrhea-diarrhea, and aches ,
5 Ways Mengoati Masuk Angin With Natural Ingredients

It was not unpleasant symptoms of colds. A clear sign of wind only makes the body feel uncomfortable and comfortable so disturbed activity and labor productivity to decrease. Lah, if such is how the dong against wind? It’s easy really my friend. Natural materials around us has been providing the best solution. For that, let us consider a natural remedy against wind separately as described below.

5 Natural Ingredients Sign Wind Drugs and How to use

1. Powder
Buddy used to prepare the rhizome kencur and salt to taste. First, peel the skin kencur then wash it clean. Powder can be consumed by not forget to add salt sparingly and followed drink water afterwards. Do this routine twice a day.

2. Garlic.
Buddy prepare first three cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of honey and rock sugar to taste. Do not forget peeled garlic first and then pounded until smooth. After a smooth, mix deh all of these materials. Stir until smooth then strain. Regular consumption yes every morning.

3. The mixture of eucalyptus oil and coconut oil.
It’s easy once anyway. Buddy just need to prepare eucalyptus oil and a tablespoon of oil the head of a tablespoon. Combine these two ingredients. This mixture of oil is fitted to be made troublemakers. It is effective and has been proven to relieve colds.

4. Onions
Buddy prepare in advance as much as 6 grains of red onion and whiting in moderation. Combine these two ingredients and then squeeze-squeeze until evenly distributed. Usapkankanlah in the abdomen, back, and legs. do it routinely effective once made anytime until the symptoms of colds disappear.

5. Papaya
Buddy prepare first two leaves pepeya and sufficient water about 400 cc. Once ready, wash clean and boiled papaya leaves into 400 cc of water until emndidih. Until the water by half, this herb drink regularly while still warm.

Well, that’s five effective natural remedy once handles colds. Good luck and good bermnafaat.

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