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1.Sambolo beach, Anyer
Sambolo beach has beautiful white sand, of course, here comes the good public facilities. In addition to play and swim, enjoy the dishes that are sold at the seashore Sambolo also an interesting way to bali to gili islands enjoy a tour of the coast of Anyer. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach Sambolo.

Places of Interest in Anyer Beach

2. Marbella Beach, Anyer

Located right next to the beach Sambolo, you stay along the shoreline will find Marbella’s beaches. This beach called Marbella beach because it is located right in front of the Hotel Marbella. Marbella Turkish state classified as clean and there are plenty of huts at the seashore.Marbella beach is a beach destination in Anyer interest to visit during holidays or the new year.


3.Cibeureum beach, Anyer

In this place, you can enjoy the cool air of the beach Cibeureum. This coastal area is perfect for relaxing in between the palm trees that grow in this Anyer beach location. Unlike the other beaches on the coast this Cibeureum you can feel the atmosphere of a typical beach. You can enjoy this travel Cibeureum beach while eating food sold by local people in the coastal areas Cibeureum.


4. Marina Beach, Anyer

Beach Marina offers water sports and water games. The choice of sports and water games will be more than those of the Beach Sambolo. There are many accommodation facilities in the area of Anyer beach this one ,, such as villas and charming ressort. Marina Beach also has a variety of facilities.


5. White Sand Beach Florida, Anyer

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset at Anyer beach, then this is the place to visit. To come in here, you simply pay the amount of 10,000 tickets and you can enjoy views of the white sand beaches are beautiful Florida. The beach is a bona fide sand that is wider than the other beaches in Anyer. Therefore, it became one of the beach tourist destination Anyer Banten are quite popular .

6. Turkish Jambu – Anyer Banten

From a number of beach in Anyer, this beach which has sand whiter and smoother. Beach conditions is still quite original because it is so natural, so has the beauty of a beautiful view.Anyer beach in this one you must visit on your trip to the beach Anyer.

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