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7 Effective Ways to Treat Acne on Back and Chest – Acne is not only able to appear on the face. Yep, as already described in article 5 ways to overcome cystic acne. In the article mentioned that acne can not only appear on the face but can also appear on other body parts, one on the back. This is the same type of acne breakouts in general, that gives discomfort because it can cause the sufferer to feel itchy. For that, let’s discuss from scratch ya start of the cause. Cara agar bibir tidak kering



Acne growing on your back

Why Acne Can Grow in Squad?
The first step to treat acne that grows dipunggung is to know what are the things that cause. For that, let’s consider the following explanation:

1. Sweat
Every time we perform strenuous activities such as fitness and exercise, usually the body will sweat in considerable amounts. The sweat, your body will make the situation becomes moist, and it is this which will cause the appearance of acne.

2. Lack of Right in Choosing Clothing
Acne backs can be caused by wear clothes that are less precise, for example, wear clothes that are too tight, making it hot and can not absorb sweat, shingga can cause the bacteria that can mix with dead skin cells and sweat and can cause skin pores clogged and munculah acne.

3. Use Conditioner
Conditional commonly used for hair care, to keep hair healthy. But you know, the conditioner contains silicone if terpapan on the surface of the skin, can also cause the growth of acne. Therefore, every time you’re finished using conditioner on the hair, it is good to you immediately clean it with soap to the rest of the conditioner is not exposed on the surface of your skin.

4. Use Bags
When you wear a bag, you should avoid carrying a heavy load, because it can make the sweat trapped in the body parts covered by your purse strap. In addition you can also select a bag with a thin strap.

5. Use Softener and clothing deodorizer
Did you know, the use of fabric softener / fragrance clothes sometimes do not fit with the typical particular skin. If your skin including sensitive skin and prone, you should only use any detergent in washing clothes, in order to avoid irritation of your skin that cause acne.

Bagaiamana How to Eliminate Acne on the Backs?
To treat acne growing on the back, we can do the treatment at home. How that will be discussed in this article are the traditional way. But do not worry, even if only traditional tips, which pentih potent. Here is the treatment that we can do to get rid of acne on the back:

1. Keeping the Body with Anti-Bacterial Soap
Basically, the cause of acne is because the body hygiene is not maintained. Therefore, take a bath regularly to keep your body clean and minimize the risk of growth of acne. You can use anti-bacterial soap to make it more effective.

2. Scrub Regularly
Doing scrup aims to exfoliate dead skin cells so as not to cover acne, so acne will be easier to cure. You can scrub with a soft grain, the goal is to prevent skin irritation. After the scrub is complete, do not forget to put on lotion. Make a scrub regularly eg 1 week. Oh yes, do the removal of dead skin cells (scrub) also not too often because it can cause irritation to the skin.


Step 2 should only be done if the acne is not inflamed / severe.

3. Using Lemon Fruit
Lemon mengandng (vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus and carbohydrates) that are useful for acne mengoabti and remove the black spots. Here’s how:

wring 1 lemon
mix with a little water
use a cotton swab to apply lemon juice tersbut on areas of skin with acne.

4. Aspirin
Did aspirin? yes it loh febrifuge fever. It was not only effective to reduce the heat, the drug is also effective for treating acne, both acne and pimples on the face dipunggung. Because it is known in medicine contained aspirin anti imflamasi which can prevent blockage of the pores of the skin. How can I?

Puree the 10 points (to taste) aspirin until completely smooth
mixed with water, then stir to form a paste
apply on the skin that have acne
allow about 15-20 minutes
rinse with cold water / ice water

5. Tomatoes
btul yap once, as well as acne on the face, tomatoes can also be used to treat acne growing on your back. These tomatoes also can be used as a substitute scrub How:

provide some tomatoes ripe with bright red color
puree in blender
rubbing on the skin that have acne
set aside some time to dry
says with cold water

6. Orange Skin
Citrus fruit is rich in benefits, since orange is one of the highest sources of vitamin C. However, not only the fruit, kultinyapun it turns out we can use to treat acne, how easy:

soak the dried tangerine peel in water
puree in blender
then mix with a few spoonfuls of milk
apply on the skin with acne
let stand for – + 15-20 minutes
rinse with cold water

7. Using White Terlur
In addition to be useful to brighten the skin, egg whites are also effective to cure acne on the back. Here’s how:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks
puith apply these eggs in areas of the skin with acne
let stand 20-30 minutes / until dry
wash with cold water

All the way already mentioned above, reliable and proven effective to treat acne, acne is not only growing in the back, but also for other parts of the body to treat acne. But you must know that the ways above is not magic, that can cure acne instantly. Therefore, care should be done regularly, for maximum results. Perform the above methods until your acne is completely cured. But if your acne does not go away, call your doctor, get a better soslusi. ok, good luck and hopefully these tips helpful.

How is your response regarding the above tips to remove acne? helpful, or you usually have their own thoughts about acne? if you have more surefire tips about acne, feel free to share via column kmentar ya :)

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