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7 Facilitate Haid Natural Medicine for Menstrual Disorders

Woman’s menstrual cycle or menstruation is a complex thing. The cycle can be interrupted by situations such as stress and anxiety. Although many medications for menstrual bring on the market, but the best way to handle it is with the natural menstrual facilitating drug. Traditional medicine is not only effective facilitator of menstrual periods for the launch, but also safe and has no side effects in the long term.cara alami menghilangkan bekas luka



Irregular periods, known medically as oligomenorrhea and usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance or anemia. Some of the most common reasons that can cause irregular menstrual cycles are as follows.

Increased or excessive weight loss
Use of certain medications
Excessive exercise
hormonal imbalance

Natural menstrual facilitating drug for irregular menstruation
Irregular menstruation is a common problem that occurs in women, and almost all women have experienced. The best way to overcome this problem is by facilitating menstrual medication use natural ingredients that do not have side effects.

Ginger has been used widely as ingredients and seasoning. In addition, ginger also has some benefits and uses as a medicine, which are to launch menstruation. Ginger can normalize irregular menstrual cycles and relieve discomfort due to menstruation. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in ginger can also be used to improve blood circulation throughout the body and help restore disrupted menstrual periods.

The best way to utilize ginger launch period is to consume it as a drink. Peeled and minced fresh ginger, then put in a cup of boiling water, let stand for 5 minutes, then strain. After that add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and drink 3 times a day for a month to get maximum results.

Facilitate Haid Natural medicine for Irregular Menstruation
Turmeric is known for its anti-skeptical nature can also be used to help treat menstrual cycle. Turmeric can normalize irregular menstrual cycles and hormone balance. Turmeric can also help increase menstrual flow and reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as abdominal cramps and menstrual pain.

The trick is to add turmeric on drink milk, and drink every day for several weeks. To obtain optimal results turmeric can also be mixed with honey or brown sugar if you have an allergy to milk.

Coriander is also the herbs which can help overcome the problem of normalizing menstruation and irregular menstrual cycles. Coriander seeds and cilantro are equally effective when used as a drug facilitating menstruation. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of coriander can also be used to reduce stomach cramps and pain due to menstruation.

The trick is to mix 2 cups of water and cilantro to taste to the pan, then simmer until reduced by half the amount of water. Strain the liquid and drink 3 times a day for several weeks to normalize the menstrual cycle.

Cinnamon has long been used as a drug to treat irregular menstrual cycles. Cinnamon warm nature, can help increase menstrual flow and balance hormones. Cinnamon can also help reduce menstrual cramps and pain due to menstruation.

The content Hydroxychalcone in cinnamon can be used to regulate the level of insulin in the blood that affects the menstrual cycle regularity. The trick is to add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of milk and drink every day for several weeks to get the best results.

raw papaya
Raw papaya is a panacea to fix problems irregular menstrual cycles. Raw papaya can help menstrual flow as well as an effective medicine for lowering stress and anxiety levels. Raw papaya can also help muscle contractions of the uterus wall into place menstrual flow. By regularly consume these raw papaya aka. make menstruation becomes normal and uneventful.

Aloe vera
Benefits of aloe vera for skin and hair is very well known. But who would have thought if the aloe vera can also serve as a remedy for irregular menstrual cycles and menstrual flow effectively. Aloe vera gel can help regulate female sex hormones and hormone imbalances.

The trick is to take aloe vera gel to taste, then add 1 teaspoon of honey, stir until blended and consumed every morning before breakfast. Repeat this way for several months so that the menstrual flow more smoothly.

When the menstrual cycle is not smooth, the carrot is a vegetable that can be overcome. Carrots contain a lot of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium may help to expedite the menstrual cycle.

Carrots can help balance hormones and improve the female sex hormone function optimally. The trick is to take a 2-3 medium-sized carrots, coarsely chopped and then crushed using a blender. Pour into a glass and drink carrot juice once a day for 2 months for effective results.

By using natural ingredients to launch the menstrual cycle, the result is more effective and healthier, and have no side effects because it does not contain harmful chemicals.

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