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7 Things That Will Happen If You Familiarize Plank Every Day – Exercise is a mandatory requirement if you want to have a super sexy body, slim without fat. Cardio exercise is the best way to burn calories and if you want to tighten the muscles and parts sagged or distended abdomen, then the weight training is the answer. Cara berenang yang baik dan benar


One lifting light weights but effective toning stomach muscles and you are plank. Ever heard? Pose similar to initiate push-up position, but you have to hold this position as best and as hard as you can afford. This benefit would you be if the habit of doing plank every day.

Tighten your abdominal muscles

Plank exercises are done to train the abdominal muscle strength. Stomach will be flat, you will be stronger lifting heavy loads, better exercise, especially the jump.

Lowering the risk of back pain

Doing plank not only train the muscles of your stomach, but also reduce the pressure on the spine and hips because too often sit. According to the American Council on Exercise, do the plank every day helps reduce back pain and the important thing is to make a stronger back muscles and improve posture.

Increase your metabolism

Plank was able to burn more calories even if you do not move around too much. Do a plank for 1 minute more before or after work not only can improve posture due to sitting too long, but also increases the metabolic system.

Improving the balance of the body

Because when you do a plank hold the weight it does not easily fall, this makes you unable to exercise the body’s balance well without you knowing. You are so much easier to maintain balance while standing on one leg and so forth.

Body more flexible

Flexibility of the body as well so accustomed to doing plank of the main benefits, especially if you do a variety of plank variations. You can train the shoulder muscles, arms, and legs. Try to do different variations such as plank plank sideways, and so forth.
Toning the arms and thighs

Not only tighten the abdominal muscles so that your stomach flat, plank also train muscle strength so that the arms and thighs firmer and free wattle. So your body is more proportioned and sexy.

reduce stress

Plank not only can make a sexy body, but it also can improve your mood and make you can relieve stress after a tiring work, especially if you work with sitting for hours.

That’s him amazing things will you get if diligently doing plank. At first it was hard, you might just be able to do for 5 seconds, but eventually you will get used and could take longer. You can get great benefits simply by doing 5-10 minutes every day. Do not believe? Do it now.

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