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9 gray hair CAUSES EARLY – The emergence of white hair on the head is a natural process. But if the appearance of gray hair arrived – arrived at such a young age must have been made anxious for someone. It can be termed as premature gray hair and require medical treatment.


There are many causes of gray hair to appear at a young age. Which are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as frequent cigarette smoking, poor diet stress that is too heavy, and the false hair. But not only less healthy lifestyle, gray hair can appear due to vitamin B12 deficiency, hormonal imbalance and menopause early.

Increasing age makes the body’s ability to synthesize the lower the amount of melanin pigment. As a result, the pigment will make your hair turns white. Therefore you must be aware of what causes gray hair.

Here are some factors that cause early graying of hair:
thyroid disease
The emergence of gray hair can be caused by thyroid disease. If the thyroid levels in the body is lacking or excessive melanin production can affect the hair and led to premature gray hair. So be sure to check your thyroid levels.

Lack of vitamin B12
Viramin B12 is associated with the causes of premature gray hair. Because vitamin B12 is very important as food intake to hair. Therefore, often to consume foods that contain vitamin B12.

Causes of premature gray hair at an early age can also be caused by genetic factors. If your family has experienced this disorder, allowed to drop back down to the next generation.

Smoking habit
The smoking habit has led to the growth of gray hair at a young age. Because smoking can produce free radicals in the body of someone who meghisap cigarettes which can reduce levels of melanin.

Fast food
Unhealthy eating patterns also affect the appearance of gray hair. One of them by consuming fast food (junk food) that can accelerate aging hair early. usually.

Stress does affect the health condition of a person’s body. One of them affects the health of hair that gave rise to early graying of hair.

Diet is wrong
Onset of gray hair can also be caused by poor diet that is not balanced. Because if you do a diet that is not balanced, then the intake of vitamins in the body is not good. This makes the appearance of gray hair.

early menopause
Menopause that occurs in women at younger usi also affects the appearance of gray hair early.

hormone imbalance
Changes in hormonal imbalance causing the appearance of gray hair. Due to changes in the body’s hormone system is very significant to the condition of the body.

Now that’s a factor – a factor that led to the emergence of gray hair early. If you are having trouble with gray hair, seek a solution or resolve it.

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