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9 Ideas Storage

Everyone can make a lot more storage space, and even if you live in a small apartment.

You will always be able to maximize the storage space you have.

Here’s how to maximize storage space without having to move to a bigger place.



1. Remove the Wardrobe Ledger
Be a minimalist when it comes to the bookcase and the choice fell to a high bookcase with shelves narrower. Not only to give a modern twist, but also will provide a lot of space that can be utilized.

2. Under Shelf Space penyimanan
Try creative by utilizing the empty space under the shelves drawers for storing some stuff.

3. Storage Under Bed
The purpose of the storage area as this will give you plenty of room to store. You can make it as a bedside table. And when you do not need it, this storage can you hide under the bed.

4. The Sofa Store
Another idea is for storage space with a sofa that has storage space underneath. You will have two benefits of these items, the first can be used as seating for guests and the second as a store of your belongings.

5. Hangers in Closet Storage
Add hangers in the closet storage. You can hang the cleaning tools or an umbrella in it.

6. The Additional Storage
Unless you’re a minimalist, you will always be able to add storage. There is no shame to buy a book shelf or emari. You will always be able to take advantage of these places to put other items.

7. Box Various Sizes
Buy a few boxes of various sizes to store your belongings. Make sure you maximize the space that is ultimately empty because of the transfer of goods into the box.

8. Shelf Hanging
Take advantage of the empty wall and place the shelves wherever you want, such as over the door of the room, on a table or on the wall in the bedroom.

9. Replace the side table Beds
Instead of having a bedside table that traditionally, would have been better had the bedside table that has drawers. This object will always be useful for storing stuff.

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