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9 Tips For Business Trip More Memorable

Intelligent people only visit and buy from sites that can be remembered and credible. Previously, if a pioneering effort to have the site, by itself it is considered credible.

At present, the site was a necessary, but not necessarily raise the credibility of the business. If the visitors found that if the site is not validated as a credible site, the site may be created with the purpose of fraud.



However most pioneering effort to experience the same disappointment when they first open the site to offer a product that they think so consumers need and not one person came, moreover. buy.

What validate the credibility and make your site more memorable in the minds of consumers, and how much money is needed?

1. Honest and candid
People just want to buy the people. Until the company’s name is not well known in the public eye, you had been the brand. Not their name, image, full address that can be visited, a history of the company, or the number of contacts will make prospective customers feel hesitant to contact you or buy from you. They will not spend a lot of time to explore your site, let alone to know more.

2. Show yourself on the site
Write blog regularly, Contribute in a social network that are relevant to your field, and write an official report acknowledged authorities / government institution that relates to your field. People respect those who have the relevant experience to provide pressure point on your achievements and other important information required or deemed necessary.

3. Emphasize the product testimonials and personal
A third party has always been a more credible source than you. Interviews and critical review of the sources of industry-recognized and popular news sources. Insert links to other sites that show the positive side you personally.

4. Create a positive image in cyberspace
Show your site visitors a number of evidence of community involvement and charitable activities. Offer something for free without any conditions that could make them lose confidence. Reward and show the winner.

5. A link to the brand that has been known
If you have an affiliate relationship with any brand name that has been widely known or relationships with experts who have been recognized in general, handed it to the visitor and provide links to related sites.

6. Spread ad
The presence of ads that are related can actually increase the credibility of the site because most credible site has it. Of course, too many ads will annoy visitors.

7. Join in the relevant business associations
Most will give you a membership table for your site and a link to provide a bevy of additional credibility to your site. Do not forget to involve the relevant government agency or the like to add convinced visitors that your site is indeed valid.

8. Provide security and privacy statement
Show a logo such as McAfee Secure or Privacy label in addition to specific policy statements on these matters to invite your visitors and potential customers to trust you.

9. Offer to help support and guarantee
Include the policy requirements support, returns and replacement you clearly. Be consistent in applying it and provide contact information that can be reached, both phone and email. Follow-up for customer satisfaction.

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