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After Laser Facial Treatment

Lasers have changed the beauty of your liking, you can even more confident. What a nuisance in beauty like moles, birthmarks, blemishes acne scars or wrinkles in the eye will easily disappear just by using a laser. Although it had to spend more than usual, but the satisfaction will be experienced by the user. Changing the face becomes more beautiful than before is not an easy matter, the patient is required to do after laser facial treatment if you want to maximize the results obtained and satisfying.Model gaya rambut terbaru



After laser facial treatments that do require treatment regularly and continuously so that the results are in accordance with what is desired.
Here are some ways after laser treatments that can be used as guidance:

Clean wounds on the face caused by using a laser facial cleanser soap and cold water every six hours for the first few days after the face in the laser. Then the next two days.
If a scab or dry skin occurs in laser wounds, try not to rub the part.
Consume lots of water to help the healing of skin. Drinking eight ounces of water per 2-3 hours.
Taking antibiotics for a week after the laser, if the laser severe injuries.
When experiencing itching, apply ice affixed to the treated.
Do not wear makeup tools during the week after the laser, this would only hinder the recovery of the skin.
Once cured skin, use a moisturizer to keep skin moist and do not dry out.
Do not exposed to direct sunlight for a month after the laser.

Treatment after the laser has to be done in order to achieve maximum results. Discipline required is quite high, because basically every care requires diligence in implementation. If a few are lazy to do it then it is not a good result and the good to be achieved but is another possibility that could give rise to new skin disease that could interfere with the beauty of the face. Are you one that uses a laser in beauty? If yes, please do the treatment after laser facial.

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