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Already Champion, Captain Leicester Want Immediate Hug Trophy

Wes Morgan can not wait to undergo the game against Everton at the weekend. Leicester City captain was keen to show off the Premier League trophy to all supporters at the King Power Stadium. http://prediksibola.id/



This is the first title Leicester in the highest caste in English football since its foundation 132 years ago. Leicester rid candidate won as Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Leicester clinched after his closest rival, Tottenham Hotspur drew against Chelsea last morning pm. That is, the acquisition of 77 points belonged to Leicester could not be overtaken again for this season with the only remaining two games.

“Being a champion is the best feeling of my career as a player. I am proud to be part of this team,” Morgan said as reported by the club’s official website.

“Everyone worked hard to get this title. We deserved to be champions,” he said enthusiastically.

Leicester actually targeted only to survive in the Premier League this season. However they were able to exceed the expectations of the management burden.

“On Saturday it felt so long in coming. I can not wait trophy in the hands of this,” said Morgan.

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