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Antioxidant Rich cardamom

Spice this one has a unique sensation if you mix it into a cup of tea or coffee. Especially if you are ‘brave’ bite and savor his small seeds in it. Somewhat bitter, but it will make your mouth fragrant.10 manfaat buah genitrijenitri



Cardamom consists of three types: Green, black and white. Green is the most popular. Dr. Ray Sahelian, a nutritionist in Los Angeles, says, “high antioxidant content in cardamom help you restore levels of glutathione, which protects the body cells against toxins.”

In India, cardamom is also used to treat toothache and gum infections, and even to overcome the problem of obesity. Hm? Yes, it could be because the content of melatonin in the cardamom. According to research at the University of Granada, melatonin can help control weight, even when you do not reduce the amount of intake drastically though. In the ancient Arab world, cardamom is also considered an aphrodisiac.

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