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As a result Allergy Drug Reactions

Various health complaints or disease is now available cure. Drug heat, cold until antibiotics were able to restore a healthy physical condition. Unfortunately, almost every drug has side effects. The size of the side effects of a drug of course depend on the nature of the active substance and the physical condition of each person. A relatively safe drug to one person is not necessarily safe for other people. Because of the sensitivity of each person is different. In certain people who have allergies talent could occur due to allergic drug reactions.



Allergic reaction that appears on every single person can be different. Generally, allergic reactions due to drug reactions appear in the form of itching all over the body, swollen eyelids to blackish-shaped rash around the lips. An allergic reaction can not be taken lightly. Mild allergic reactions such as itching can be cured by taking medication allergy manifold. While the more severe allergic reactions that require more serious treatment.

Allergic reactions can even threaten the lives of sufferers, when due to an allergic reaction, the swelling of the airways. Until people feel tightness and difficulty breathing. If not promptly treated can-can really fatal consequences. Therefore, when people feel claustrophobic after taking the medicine, immediately take the patient to the nearest hospital. Treatment in a hospital fuller able to save the lives of patients.

Other allergic reactions are no less dangerous is the Steven Johnson syndrome. Patients who suffer from this syndrome will suffer injuries in all mucus membranes. Including the mucous membranes in the mouth to the esophagus to the genitals. Imagine a small wound such as thrush can cause pain that is really painful. Imagine if the entire mouth and neck covered with wounds. Let alone to swallow food skipped drinking water alone can cause tremendous pain. People with this syndrome may lose their lives due to damage to vital organs in the body.

To avoid allergic reactions due to drug, beware any drugs. If you feel itchy or uncomfortable discontinue use and consult a physician immediately.

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