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Shopping is such a constant part of our daily routine and since you have been doing it for longer than you can remember, you would think that money saving strategies would already be second nature. There are so many issues involved that it isn’t merely a chore anymore, it has become an art. If you are looking for ways to cut more on your spending, here are a few guidelines to steer you on the path to becoming a bargain-hunting expert.


Most people dislike couponing because it is perceived as a tedious process but it actually doesn’t take up too much of your time. Less than half an hour should do it plus it is an excellent way of cutting down on grocery expenses. Up to a $1000 of yearly savings can be had just by using coupons for your supermarket purchases.

Most retail stores utilize coupons as part of their marketing strategy so it isn’t difficult to obtain these discount tickets. Newspapers are a popular source of coupons but a lot of establishments also send out these items through the mail.

A lot of businesses have taken to the Internet for their promotions and shoppers can find many websites that offer printable coupons. If you frequently shop through the Web you can take advantage of coupon codes where obtaining discounts is as simple as entering the code into a shopping website’s online system.

Yard Sales, Thrift Shops, Flea Markets

Yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets often abound with deals and there are many kinds of items that you can purchase at these places – household items, clothing and even some decent quality electronic appliances. Another great thing about these places is that haggling is perfectly acceptable so your potential bargain can go even lower with a bit of negotiation.

Yard sales are usually held within your community and neighbors will usually let each other know of any upcoming sales. Check your local paper for a listing of these events as you may also find neighboring communities that hold simultaneous yard sales.

Thrift shops are popular establishments especially if you’re on the lookout for antiques, furniture and other household items. A lot of the merchandise sold are second hand but if you are persistent in your search, you will often find good quality items. In flea markets you will also find decorative pieces, kitchen ware, toys, clothes and so on.

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Be an Expert at Bargain Shopping At the Supermarket .

The supermarket is a tempting place so people often end up with more purchases than originally planned. To make sure you don’t spend unnecessarily, make a list of items that you need to buy and stick to that list. It will help to eat before you go to the supermarket as people tend to buy more when they are hungry. Don’t be ashamed to whip out your calculator while shopping – this will help you check if you are still within your budget. A trick that most establishments do is they put the most affordable items at the lowest shelves. So if you are looking for inexpensive items, chances are these are located at the bottom shelf.

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