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Benefits for Beauty Skin Durian is important to know

It is doubtless that the distinctive smell of fruit is very much beneficial for health. But this time we will discuss other benefits of the durian fruit is beneficial for skin beauty. Fruit is the king of all fruits, with sweet, savory and tasty top is familiar in Indonesia as a tropical country.manfaat penting buah gambas untuk kesehatan



Benefits for Beauty Skin Durian

Want to know what the benefits of durian for beauty, let us refer to the following article.

1. Rejuvenate skin
One of the benefits of durian is making the skin look young and teens back alias does not wrinkle. The trick is to consume durian fruit on a regular basis or by the method of treatment from the outside by creating a durian flesh as a skin mask. Apply this mask on your face and skin.

2. Eliminate the black bags under the eyes
Eye bags is a common problem experienced by many people. This eye bags appear for their insomnia (insomnia) or because of the frequent late nights. Night vigil will often result in eye pockets and raised black spots or dark circles eye Area.

To heal and eliminate eye bags, the durian can be used as one of the herbs. In this case use durian flesh when going to sleep at night and let stand until the next day. Balance this treatment with vitamin E intake and regular exercise. Then circles under your eyes will gradually recover.

3. Accelerate the healing of wounds
Durian is helpful in speeding up the healing process of wounds on the body. If you are injured and scratched with a sharp object, then konsumsikanlah buha durian in doses more, thorn-skinned fruit contains a lot of vitamin C which is good in the healing of skin wounds.

With the wound be healed quickly, of course the beauty of your skin will always be maintained. What if the wound is everywhere on your body, you will certainly not look pretty, then resolve this problem by eating durian.

3 Benefits durian This is a beauty essential for you to know to be an alternative for you to treat your body out of the house, especially matters related to skin beauty.

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