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Benefits Melinjo (leaves, seeds, Fruit Leather) for Health – In my area, Pangandaran, Ciamis, West Java, the majority of Sunda, call Tangkil. Most people know melinjo of fruit which is often used as chips. And it is this very famous melinjo all. Even to overseas. But I personally know melinjo not of the fruit rather than the leaf buds (young leaves). Where people around often process them into dishes such as sauteed leaves melinjo (usually accompanied by flowers shaped like caterpillars – we call Uceng). In addition, many also make it as a food ingredient for making vegetable tamarind along with other ingredients such as sweet corn, pumpkin and beans or red beans. Cara menurunkan darah tinggi


Melinjo has the Latin name Gnetum gnemon and comes from a family Gnetaceae. These plants come from tropical Asia, Melanesia and the Western Pacific. The tree is usually planted in the back of the house or yard, and used the leaves, flowers and fruit for consumption. Melinjo plants can grow well at a height of 0-1200 meters above sea level. The height can reach 20 meters if not pruned. However, because the young leaves are consumed, there is often cut it short so as not to bother fetching melijno leaves or fruit.

As the food provided by nature, certainly melinjo have a nutrient content is not small. A study showed that the antioxidant compounds produced melinjo.This obtained from the high protein concentration. Almost all parts of the plant melijno protein content, but most potential contained in the seeds. In evolution, betel nut is a close relative of the Ginkgo Biloba can enhance brain memory.

Many myths that melinjo can cause an increase in uric acid. But many who deny the myth. In fact, melinjo does contain purine, which is one cause of high uric acid. If you do not want exposed to the side effects of this melinjo, so do not consume to excess. Within reasonable limits, melinjo leaf consumption is safe for gout.

Melinjo for Health Benefits

For plants that have a lot of nutrient content, it is no wonder if melinjo nbagi have many health benefits. Either as snacks or as a traditional medicine. Here I will describe what melinjo for health benefits.

1. Treat cuts

You’re hurt? Quiet, melinjo leaves can treat liver injury because of love. Halah … !!!! Instead, it can treat injuries such as wounds cuts or abrasions on the skin. The trick is to grind the leaves melinjo and garlic. After a smooth, paste on the injured body part. Allow to dry. The herb can make the wound become quickly dry and protected from infection.

2. Anti-microbial

Melinjo fruit contains peptides that function as inhibitors of the proliferation of gram positive and negative bacteria. This peptide is an amino acid found in protein in fruit seeds melinjo. In other words potein can also be used for food mengaawetkan naturally.

3. Overcoming high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition because it can lead to deadly diseases such as stroke and heart. Melinjo leaves are natural food ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, dimaan can prevent high blood pressure. But not recommended for people with high blood pressure and gout consume fruits purinnya melinjo because the content is high.

4. Preventing premature aging

Premature aging can occur keika body are often exposed to free radicals. Symptoms can include black spots, wrinkles, dry skin and so on. This can be overcome by diligent eating natural foods that contain antioxidants. One of them melinjo, which is a food rich in antioxidants.

5. Prevents anemia

Although there are not too many, but melinjo also mngandung iron is needed for the formation of red blood cells. Anemia usually occurs in women, especially pregnant women. As for men, less exposed to the risk of a shortage of red blood cells.

6. Antioxidants prevention of cancer

Malignant cancer is a disease that is dangerous and can be life-threatening keselamatn. The amount of saturated fat content of kolesterold an on fast food increases the risk of cancer is greater. Therefore, the community is expected back in foods provided by nature and cook it in the right way so that the nutrient content and usefulness are still intact. Melinjo a natural foods rich in antioxidants that can protect the body from cancer.

7. Preventing heart disease

As described above. One function of antioxidants is to lower high blood pressure. Which means also plays an important role in the prevention of heart disease. But of course must also be balanced with positive lifestyle to maintain heart health. Such as regular exercise, avoid junk-food, fat, etc. Not recommended to consume melinjo for passing the frying process.

8. Smooth defecation

Leaves melinjo in fiber which is good for health. So is the skin of the fruit and flowers are often called uceng. Consuming fiber can help smooth bowel movement.

9. Smooth urine (still doubtful kebenaranya)

In manfaat.co.id site mentioned that the benefits melinjo is that it can help smooth urination. The trick with the direct consume fruit melinjo or with steam from boiling the fruit skin melinjo. This is contrary to the fact that melinjo megandung high purine content which can actually cause gout and kidney stones if consumed too much.

10. Improve memory

As explained at the outset that this evolution melinjo plants close to the plants Ginkgo Biloba located in Japan. Where efficacy has been recognized worldwide in improving concentration, intelligence and memory. From this proximity, Melinjo also believed to have the same efficacy.

11. Maintaining eye health

Benefits melinjo next is maintaining eye health. As is known nutrient content melinjo dai, that these foods contain enough vitamin A-rich yan. Where we know that one of the greatest usefulness of vitamin A is to maintain the function of the eye.

12. Bitten by dog

As first aid to people injured in a dog bite can use the leaves melinjo. Way, take young leaves to taste, 2 cloves of Bawan white, 1 red onions, 1 knuckle of ginger. All the ingredients until finely ground until it resembles porridge. Paste or boehkan on the wound, then wrap it with a bandage. This is only first aid, so immediately take the dog bite victim to hospital for intensive treatment and further diagnosis. It is quite possible that mengigitnya dogs transmit rabies.

13. Increase endurance

Tri Agus Siswoyo, a researcher from the University of Jember stated that the antioxidant activity in the seeds of similar melinjo with vitamin C in counteracting free radicals. So that the body’s resistance to various diseases and pollutants is increasing.

Actually melinjo benefits not only that we sebtkan above. However, what we mentioned outline has been able to represent the usefulness of this plant as a supplier of food that is good for health. Although there is still controversy about the side effects melinjo to increased uric acid (gout), kidney stones, hypertension and heart. On another occasion I will discuss about the nutritional content melinjo, baha and health benefits.

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