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Benefits of Black Tea For Health – Black tea can be drunk all the circles. Without many know black tea for health benefits, black tea consumed as a beverage-selling daily servings. In order to not only pleasure are obtained, it is time we know the benefits of tea for health. What are the benefits of black tea for health? Let us read it all in the following description.



• Healthy cardiovascular system. Black tea is rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids. Substances that this one has proved capable of oxidizing LDL (low density lipoprotein). By doing so, damage to blood vessels and the walls of the arteries, as well as heart disease and stroke could be avoided. Polyphenols in black tea is also an antioxidant. Mineral manganese in tea also able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by optimizing the function of the heart muscle.

• Healthy skin and hair. Antioxidants in black tea can prevent plek black and acne growing on the skin surface. If there is inflammation caused by bacterial infection, these antioxidants are also able to fight.

• Healthy bones and connective tissue. In many studies have proven that phytochemical substances in black tea were able to make bone and connective tissue in the body strong coffee drinkers.

• Healthy organs of the digestive system. Tannin substances contained in black tea have a therapeutic effect on the stomach and intestines. The Chinese have been using this for a long time. Tannin substances able to cure diarrhea. While polyphenols able to treat and prevent inflammatory bowel disease.

• Healthy brain and nervous system. Caffeine in coffee if in small amounts are able to make the blood flow to the brain without stimulating the heart. Meanwhile, if in large quantities, caffeine will make the brain less focus. In contrast to it, the caffeine in tea along with the amino acid L-teaninnya able to make the brain and body remain full concentration once in significant amounts. Not only that, black tea caffeine also improve memory (memory) of the brain. In addition, black tea also showed the effect of decreasing the stress hormone (cortisol) if taken regularly.

• Increase the body’s energy. Here, the caffeine in black tea can stimulate the production of an effective energy metabolism. Substances that stimulate only in black tea. His name is theophylline. In the body, theophylline keeping many metabolic system to always work optimally. For example in the respiratory system and the system kardioaskuler.

• Meningkatkkan healthy teeth, gums and mouth. Here, polyphenols and tannins of black tea to dispel bacteria that cause plaque and inflammation. Not only that, these substances also can reduce the risk of oral cancer.

• Boost the immune system. This can be proven with more drink tea for immunity against the flu, dysentery, and hepatitis. And alkylamine catechins in black tea play a role in improving the immune system.

That is among the benefits of black tea for health that you can get if you eat drink this one on a regular basis. May be useful.

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