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Benefits of Guava Leaf For Your Body Health – In times like these days everyone is definitely very expect to be healthy, and therefore the best possible use for health adaah grace is so great. With the health allow you to do a lot of activities well. many ways that you can use to get a healthy body, one with guava. Who is not familiar with guava. Fruits of this one really enjoy doing with a delicious flavor. With a rounded shape, fruit seeds herbs can thrive in many places. Guava itself has two different kinds of fruit. No fruit is red and white fruit. Both of different colors that exist in guava will help your health more fit.

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As a primary function to maintain health, guava provide excellent new energy to the body. Besides as one family in the world of fruit, guava fruit is much sought after because of the many different benefits. The content of vitamins the most is the guava with red color. The red color is created because of the many antioxidants contained therein. Not only the fruit, guava leaves are also very good for your body. otherwise it could overcome the various problems in the body. Another name of guava is Psidium guajava, guava tree has leaves that have their own content, namely: Acid psidoklat, oleanolat acid, guajaverin acids, fatty oils, essential oils, vitamins and tannin.

As where many other fruits, guava both fruit and leaves have a nutritious benefits. With these benefits and more people are using it. Suppose for its fruit, guava can be use as a malaria drug. How much in use for many when exposed to malaria who need guava seeds. However, you should be careful when eating guavas. Why?? Because the fruit there are many seeds that would be very dangerous if swallowed. No wonder if the seeds of the fruit in the bung to avoid other masalh. as dangingnya, guava leaves also have tremendous benefits for your body. To solve many problems in the body, you do not have to use a less healthy way that contains chemicals.

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Here are Benefits of Guava Leaf for Health:

1. For abdominal pain drug
Aside from Guava Leaves Many of you are using other fruits and vegetables to overcome the problem of abdominal pain. however, by using guava leaves will make your digestive well. in addition, helps reduce pain in your stomach.

2. As with Acne Medication
Besides the fruit can be used as an acne medicine, not ketingglan also leaves of guava seeds that can also be used as an acne medicine. With regular use will help you get a smooth face without acne. The trick is to smooth the guava leaves and apply to your face and then allow it to seep nutrients on the fruit. Afterwards, rinse with clean iar with doing every time the shower.

3. Medicinal diarrhea
Diarrhea is very not be pleased by everyone yagn it happens in your digestive area. in the presence of infection in this region makes bleeding. With these conditions you can repeatedly defecate with blood. For this reason, in need of diarrhea medication is best for you. one using guava leaves. Leaves that have been cleaned, boiled and boiled drinking water regularly.

A few Tips Natural Body Health Benefits of Guava Leaf For Your Body Health obtained from refaransi trustworthy ,. may be useful.

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