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Beware, Never Quit Home Can Be Harmful to Health - There are people who prefer to leave the house and move out rather than sitting at home, there is also the type of person who would prefer to spend time in the house or in the room, such as watching TV, sleeping, etc., whatever the origin is not in the sun.


Well, if you are of the second type, you need to think about your activities here we go ladies. As it turns out the whole day to be indoors it makes you stress, anxiety, and even make you insomnia.

You will miss a lot of things going on outside if the only silence in the room walls, especially the intake of vitamin D from sunlight. Kenneth Wright, head of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory University of Colorado say that the body needs sunlight to rearrange hours of sleep your subconscious (circadian rhythms), set the mood and energy of the body.

Too much time spent indoors also lead to obesity, diabetes, depression and other diseases. Only drug is to get out of the house. You need to move outside and enjoy the cool air and sunshine. Ideally, at least 45 minutes every morning.

Says Kenneth Wright, this helps your body regulate sleep mode back unconscious. Not only that, the sun also increases the vitality of the body, the body’s immune physically and mentally. These benefits will be stronger if you do outdoors with lots of trees or in the beautiful outdoors.

Perhaps for this reason as well why do yoga or meditation in the garden or in fresh green area and quiet, because the larger health benefits than just out of the house.

Well, so now you know the reason why you need to leave home. Do not sit at home, yes ladies, because there are many interesting things you can do out there.

House or room is required of everyone, for shelter and a place to stay, but not until you have a habit like it dwells in the house yes, not good for health.

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