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Health Benefits of Black Rice , black rice is not as popular with white rice and brown rice, but lately most people start to consume a lot of rice this one. If yes white rice has become a daily consumption of diapers, after people familiar Varieta white rice brown rice, these two varieties we discuss in the next post. For this time the admin will review some of the health benefits of black rice, where the rice has not been consumed by most people as white rice and brown rice mentioned above.Currently black rice consumed in the continental United States, but black rice have become consumed by the population of China since many years ago. It is said that this rice is rice that is only consumed by blue blood group as the King and the royal family in the State China in ancient times.

Black rice

But this time the black rice is a bit easier to find on the market both in stores and in supermarkets much has been peddling this black rice. Black rice existence is more endangered than the white rice and brown rice, it is probably because the farmers in our country almost all plant rice white rice and brown rice may partially. It is reasonable for the public needs to be white rice can not be delayed so that white rice is widely grown by farmers who for commercial purposes and for the needs of their own families. speaking of black rice interesting thing is by researches that black rice is rich in essential nutrients for the body contain. Well what the content nutrients please move on to the next paragraph.

The trial of these varieties has generated a lot of positive things that black rice rich in nutrients needed by the body’s health. between content Seratu nutris per gram of black rice, among others: 76.17 grams carbohydrates, fiber, 3.4 g, energy 1515 kJ / 362 kcal, 12.37 grams of water, 33 milligrams of calcium, 0,526 grams of fatty acid, iron 1, 80 milligrams, 4,038 milligrams of niacin, manganese 3,743 milligrams, 143 milligrams of magnesium, methionine 0.169 grams, 268 milligrams of potassium, 264 milligrams phosphorus, protein 7.50 grams, 0.352 grams proline, thiamin 0.413 grams, 4 milligrams sodium, 2.68 grams of fat , 0.043 milligrams of riboflavin, vitamin B6 0,509 milligrams, 0.02 milligrams of zinc and many other content.

Black rice seed color is black because the color black as possible so that people call this type of rice called black rice. Basically among black rice, white rice and brown rice are the same just by testing the black rice is superior in terms of nutrient content. Well nutrients from black rice is if consumed by humans God willing, will give birth to the health of the body which we love. In the event that any healthbenefits of black rice this? to know this, follow this article further.


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