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Breakfast, Key Achievement in School Children – If the child did not show any increase in the value of academic child may not be enough to focus and concentrate while receiving lessons in schools, Moms. If the child can focus on the lesson well, then it will be easier to achieve. Well, one way to improve focus and concentration of children in school is the breakfast. Model rambut anak perempuan


A study showed that children who eat a nutritious breakfast can be 4.5 times better in school, you know, Moms. However, many mothers do not know the importance of breakfast for the little guy. Even mentioning the fact that 60% of Indonesian children do not have a habit of breakfast and 44.6% of Indonesian children do not get a nutritious breakfast.

Although seem trivial, the breakfast has a myriad of benefits for the body. After waking up in the morning, the body requires readiness brain energy and stamina. That is why the breakfast which accounts for 20-25% of total daily energy is needed to replenish energy reserves beginning when starting the activity. The breakfast also serves to prevent hard defecation, Hypoglycemia, headache, sluggish, gluttony and obesity. The most important thing is the breakfast make the brain sharper and easier to concentrate.

The ideal breakfast should also contain the three major nutrients, namely Go (carbohydrates), Grow (protein), and Glow (vitamins and minerals). Do not be afraid to bother to prepare a nutritious breakfast, Moms. All three of these nutrients we can get from Koko Krunch cereal consumed with milk Dancow. Koko Kruch made from whole grains with the taste of chocolate delights, while Dancow contains FortiGro consisting of zinc, iron, calcium, and protein. To be more nutritious, also add pieces of fresh fruit such as strawberries, kiwi, banana, or grapes.

Starting the day with breakfast routine will greatly help the little more concentration in a lesson so that he can get the best grades in school. He also become more energy throughout the day and does not get sick because of his endurance increases. Let’s apply the behavior and culture of healthy eating through breakfast!

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