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Business opportunities and Opportunity Move Hajj and Umrah for free



In addition to the realization of the intention of the Assembly to Hajj in addition to Umrah Plus depart PT. Arminareka Perdana features a vision of the improvement of residing standards of individuals and communities, opening business opportunities for prospective pilgrims. promo paket umroh Potential pilgrims have listed and paid the deposit, the right business is usually to receive. The commercial rights are given PT. First Arminareka is usually optional. Jamaat usually leads this business option, or not whatsoever.

For those who are quite simple. The key to some parents, family, friends Request or use PT services. First Arminareka, the Hajj and Umrah traveling agencies Plus. Needed for Umrah pilgrims, taking walks, and paid the deposit back, then took the commission of Rp to have. 1. 5 zillion, while if the sign is invited Haji Plus pray and paid a deposit or a refund, the Commission rate received Rp. two. 5 million, along with 10% administrative price tag reduction. Not simply that, if they re-referenced pilgrims could possibly be counted as moobs, then 1. 5 million + Rp is the one who send it, as well as getting a percentage of Rp.. 1, 500, 000, then there exists a candidate a additional fee to become 500, 000 associated with Rp.. The investment decision performance will generate a commission associated with Rp 1 zillion. As a licence or support process.

In addition to the above questions, additionally it is an annual bonus what to receive the pilgrims. If they give plenty of references to the services of Hajj in addition to Umrah utilize more PT Travel Agencies. Arminareka Perdana.

Similar business project of this kind are not a form of MLM or cash Gam, because these companies do not harm anybody or persons, justu most parties benefit. This program can be performed for donors inside the mosque, cooperatives, foundations, and other funds. You can then supply a lecture about the Hajj and Umrah traveling agencies more pilgrims inside the mosque. If anybody is interested in addition to characters, then is counted as being a reference the mosque and the Committee is given inside the mosque. To help with the development associated with bus mosques.

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