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Carambola Fruit Benefits For Health – Some of the nutrients or nutrients on the fruit which has a distinctive shape, unique, like the star wide – range. One is vitamin C, the content of which is most dominant in this fruit. Other vitamins contained in it are vitamins A and E though the amount is not much. In addition, several other substances such as fiber, potassium and magnesium are also contained therein. Cara mengatasi sembelit


Here are some of the star fruit Benefits for health:

1. To help keep the immune system
1. As a remedy Hypertension
2. Troubleshooting diabetes
3. The disease can also cure thrush
4. The solution is good for consumption in cancer patients
5. The inside has a high fiber content, which can aid digestion
6. Curing disease may cough
7. Cure Pain in the joints
8. Cure sore throat
9. Alternative for hay fever sufferers
10. Heal headache
11. Treating Acne
12. Overcoming cholesterol

But behind many benefits in it, there is also a danger in terms of star fruit for health
Behind all the benefits it turns leatherback can also be harmful to health, especially for people who have certain diseases. But not surprising, because any substance that is consumed in excess (overdose) will turn into toxins in our body. So consume starfruit (and other food) in moderation.

The fruit is also included in the category of fruit to avoid diabetes and kidney disorders. if people who consume has some diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and disorders of the kidneys. This is because supposedly the leatherback has a high sugar content (according to Wikipedia) although there is also mention that the fruit is safe because it is low in calories (in nutrition and you). However I suggest you should first consult a doctor before taking it.

For patients with impaired renal function are also strongly advised to avoid consuming the star fruit. This is because these fruits contain acid oxalate, which is said to lead to the formation of kidney stones. Perlebihan consumption in patients with impaired renal function may lead to kidney failure. In addition, if you are taking certain medications also should avoid this fruit, because some of the compounds contained in the star fruit may react negatively to some of the content on drugs (certain) that result in side effects or even poisoning. And once again I suggest to consult with the concerned doctor first.

A few Tips Natural Body Health Benefits of Fruit Blimbing for your Body Health and family. may be useful.

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