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Caring and Coping with Acne and Oily Face

There are a variety of facial treatments, either way and form. Facial skin care is an assortment as tailored to the type of human skin are manifold as well. Anyone have a dry skin type, sensitive, oily, until combined. Well, for you who have oily skin types, this is it we give tips to treat and cope with facial acne and oily.cara memutihkan wajah secara alami



How to care for and cope with facial acne and oily naturally

Maintain cleanliness

Not only are required to maintain environmental hygiene, but also maintain the cleanliness of your skin! Your skin is very important to keep clean, as dirt and dust that clog the pores of the skin can accumulate and cause acne. After all, if your skin is dirty, definitely will not be appealing to the eye as well, is not it? It should be considered in maintaining the cleanliness of your skin is to cleanse the face on a regular basis, at least 2 times a day while bathing. Note also the cleanliness of your face while he was sleeping, because if your face is dirty during sleep, the regeneration of skin cells could be disrupted.

Avoid Use Cosmetic Weight

It is a heavy cosmetic cosmetics is dense and multi-layered. Especially for those who have oily face type, you should avoid using cosmetics dense or compact. This is because the solid cosmetics will clog the pores of your skin, so it can provide the potential for a more acne. Besides, the cosmetics are dense and layered will be difficult for your skin to breathe. For those of you who are still teens or early adulthood, can replace the BB cream foundation for cosmetics lighter.

Using Honey Mask

the next one is using a face mask of honey. Honey contains very good to nourish the skin without making it dry, and can cure acne arising on the face. How to use is very simple, namely the first, wash your face before applying the mask. Then apply honey directly on the facial acne. Let stand for a few minutes before rinsing. Whereas for oily skin, you can use honey mixed with lemon juice and apply on the entire surface of your face.

Using Lime or Lemon

In addition to honey, there are other natural ingredients that you can use to drive out excess oil and acne as well. What is that? The answer is lime or lemon! Both yellowish fruit has astringent acid content and active substances that can absorb excess oil on the skin. In addition, the content of vitamin C in it also can stimulate the regeneration of skin cells on the face. The trick is also practical, for acne, you can use lemon juice or lemon, and then rubbed on the acne using a soft cotton. As for oily skin, rub-rub the inner bark of lemon or lime which has squeezed the entire surface of the face. Let stand briefly before rinsing thoroughly with cold water.

White Water Consumption

the latter of course is water consumed in sufficient. Water is very good for launch metabolism and other systems of the body, so it is very important role for your body, including the face. Water can help absorb nutrients into the body, one of which will be devoted to your skin. In addition, a lot of water consumed can also eliminate acne because it can help the regeneration of skin cells and moisturize the skin naturally.

Well, that’s a few tips to treat and cope with facial acne and oily. How? It’s easy to do and practical, is not it?

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