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http://categoriashop.com/ Marnie Pehrson may possibly not be well known for driving traffic to online sites, but she should be! Her ability to get literally hundreds of thousands of page views a month is simple astounding! (NOTE: I said “page views,?not “hits. ?BIG difference!) I had to ask her to reveal her secrets so that we all could learn to create a Web website that simply demands high traffic.

KARON: Hi Marnie. I really appreciate you taking the right time to give us your insights on traffic building. You seem to have the Midas touch in this certai area : )

MARNIE: Oh sure, Karon. Any such thing for a friend.

KARON: i understand from our email conversations that many of your Web sites get anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 page views a month. How do it is done by you? Search engines? Ezine advertisements? just what?

MARNIE: Well, those things do help, but normally the site itself drives the site visitors to return over and over. It also encourages viral marketing with lots of referrals.

KARON: So tell me about your two biggest sites (in terms of traffic). Those would be and , right?

MARNIE: Right. Both of the visitor is given by these sites a chance to shine – to contribute and be in the spotlight. They both accept article contributions, they both allow profiles of visitors, and they both have a place for me to give extra attention to visitors (the masthead).

KARON: So, because visitors are in the spotlight on these two sights, they recommend them to other people, return repeatedly, and link back to you. Excellent!

MARNIE: Yes, I’ve built in automatic ways for visitors to forward pages to friends which brings even more traffic. Essentially, rather than having the focus on selling, I put it on the visitor. They are the focus that is primary the products/services I sell taking a back seat (so to speak).

KARON: But you still make sales, right?

MARNIE: Oh yes! The sites wouldn’t have been able to stay online since 1998 and 2000 if they weren’t making money : )

KARON: Good point! What else can you tell us regarding the “magic formula??

MARNIE: Well, both sites have *LOTS* of pages people can visit. As you know, more pages = more doors for site visitors to enter = more listings in search engines = extra traffic!

KARON: Keep going?I’m all ears.

MARNIE: The masthead I told you about earlier helps drive traffic from my heavy-hitter sites to my newer sites. Among other things, it features articles and tips from website contributors. Then, in my newsletters, I encourage people to go to the site to see further. In other words, every thing’s not there in the email, they have to go to your website to get some associated with content.

KARON: Well, you just have all kinds of tricks up your sleeve, don’t you? Anything else?

MARNIE: Yes, actually : ) IdeaMarketers is also a “newsworthy” site that is used as a resource for many people. It tends to get a complete lot of mentions in articles simply because of its nature. And because of the quality of the site, IdeaMarketers has been recommended in a complete lot of high-traffic ezines.

KARON: so that the combination of all these elements produces a website that people desire to again visit time and, right? Marketing sites such as these is left more to the visitors than to your efforts, huh?

MARNIE: In a way. The visitors most certainly would be the good reason for my success. You build a site designed around visitor interaction, traffic usually comes without a struggle as I said before, search engines are not to be ignored, and I’m a firm believer in ezine advertising, but when.

KARON: Thanks so much, Marnie. This gives us some issues that are serious think of.

MARNIE: My pleasure!

The two sites of Marnie&rsquoher article promotion site , and her women’s spiritual growth site;s we mentioned in this interview are . Visit them today to see Marnie’s traffic pulling designs in action.

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