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Causes And Symptoms of Meningitis in Children – Meningitis is an infection of the disease in the lining of the brain and causes the lining of the brain itself becomes inflamed. In children and infants exposed to the disease meningitis is generally common in children and infants who are diagnosed positive with HIV virus. As the disease is classified as dangerous, meningitis should receive menanganan quick and precise. This is due to meningitis or brain membrane Rada very close to the spinal cord and cerebellum which if allowed to continuously can cause damage to the motion system, the system thought to lead to death. Cara menghilangkan panu


Really meningitis contagious? That question is often asked for this brain disease meningitis. The answer is it depends, if the disease is viral and bacterial trigger it can be transmitted to others through saliva and food of the patient early. However, the trigger for the disease is fungal meningitis so many health experts are dubious. Therefore, in terms of ensuring meningitis in a patient with contagious or not, then make sure the actual trigger of the disease is the main thing to do.

Main Cause of Meningitis Disease in Children

As previously described, the main cause of meningitis disease are fungi, bacteria and viruses. In addition, some cases of meningitis in infants and children may occur as a result of the HIV virus which could be carried by the mother carrying the virus first. The process in which microorganisms that cause meningitis to the lining of the brain may be through a process of physical injuries and consumption of certain drugs in a patient who then enters the bloodstream to reach the brain fluid.

Note also that, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis can also be a cause of meningitis in children. Meningitis in children suffering from tuberculosis (TB) usually have symptoms of TB itself and accompanied by disturbances of consciousness.

What are the Symptoms of Meningitis in Children?

Meningitis in children characterized by such symptoms, meningeal signs, fever, seizures, often cranky, lazy drinking and vomiting. On a serious level, disease meningitis in children causes disturbances of consciousness on the children themselves. Therefore, for those parents who have infants or children have symptoms such as the above, never the slightest shrugged. Immediately bring your baby or child to the doctor is the right choice, it’s the intention that the child and the child immediately get medical treatment if they are indeed infected with meningitis.


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