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Causes of Hair Loss After Childbirth

Childbirth is an extraordinary event in women. Containing over nine months and ten days. With all the love and sorrow dismissed. Keeping emotions and feed the best nutrition for the fetus in her womb. While undergoing this gestation period, generally the hair will feel thicker than usual. But after giving birth, about 6-12 months there will be hair loss. What causes postpartum hair loss?Model gaya rambut pria terbaru



Often the mothers panic every time the hair to fall outside the usual amount. Finished shampooing, hair avalanches seen on the bathroom floor, in the spaces of the house is almost always found hair scattered on the floor, especially after shampooing and hair in wet conditions where the condition is more fragile than dry hair. The hair will fall off easily, especially if forced to comb the wrong way is by using dental meeting, it causes will increase again the number of hair falling out and make themselves more frantic.

Actually this is reasonable, with a calm face and find out the causes of postpartum hair loss first. When pregnant, the hair becomes thicker. This occurs due to hormonal changes experienced. The hormone estrogen increases may extend the hair growth stage. So only a little hair that is in a stage of rest. Loss experience fewer and thicker hair.

When giving birth, estrogen began to fall. This makes a lot of hair that is at a stage of rest. The result? Even more hair loss. So it was not because of her baby fiddled with saliva.

Future hair loss will subside by itself and will enter the stage of hair growth. All you need do is keep eating foods that support the growth of hair, use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and to give a fresh impression, make it easier to treat hair it is better to cut their hair and try new style. The cause of postpartum hair loss is not as myth but because of changes in hormone estrogen experienced by all mothers.

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