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Causes of Skin Striped – Facial beauty tips / How to make white face / how to cope with streaks on the face

Causes of Skin Striped

Tips facial beauty – In my previous article on how to resolve the split ends you can do with a variety of different ways. Hair so there could be really more volume and black silky soft. The hair is interesting, of course it would be making a pretty face you if no streaks are over. So we have to know the causes of skin blemishes and can avoid to maximize your performance.  Cara agar rambut tidak rontok



Causes skin striped diverse, ranging from acne scars, skin inflammation, UV exposure through the use of facial cosmetics dangerous. Striped or changes in the skin warn we are familiar with hyperpigmentation. The color can vary from pink to brown.

Following are the causes of facial skin stripes we need to know:

1. Acne on the face. It is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation on your face. Among the friends would fret if the acne began to decorate your face. A wide range of reactions that will result from the appearance of acne. Starting from squeeze or just touch it. And do not ever do this. Acne is squeezed in the hope of quickly disappear can cause inflammation and make it a black markings on the skin.

To avoid this you should keep your hands on the acne although only just holding it. Clean your face with a facial cleanser and use a natural acne remedy or that matches your face. Should be patient with this condition even though it requires a rather long time. Acne is not a scourge, because everyone will have the name breakouts, so you have to cope with a friend on this one.

2. Inflammation of the skin in addition to acne. The type and condition of the skin every wanit vary depending on age and the particular race. In some people have sensitive skin that is easily attacked by inflammation of the skin that can cause skin striped. Here are some skin inflammatory diseases we need to know:

Psoriasis: Scaly skin with silvery white color. Symptoms are characterized by thickening of the skin, with the early symptoms of redness and intense itching. If these scales peeled off, there will be bleeding under the skin.

Sebaceous cyst: This skin disease acne occurs because the mouth of the gland is clogged and can not get out to the surface. This disease will cause a lump filled with fluid cholesterol.

Dermatitis or eczema: This is a very itchy skin condition. Because the itching, the patient will continue to scratch it so that it appears reddish rash, causing blisters and swelling

If you experience any of these skin problems should not scratch that will make the scar worse and would be difficult to lose. Rinse with clean water and avoid sunlight while being hot.

3. Cosmetics and skin care. Many skin care products that claim that their products can eliminate hyperpigmentation. This is not true, because there are skin care products which will add more severe skin. Moreover, there has been no bpom as standard products that are safe for use on your face. So you have to really know dare not to use cosmetics that are dangerous.

To avoid skin problems above, you should use natural cosmetics for your face and cosmetics that use natural and safe ingredients listed in BPOM. Do not forget a healthy diet and can better support facial beauty and health of your body. May cause skin striped not ever present in our lives.

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