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Daily Make Up Tips For Acne Prone Skin – “Treating acne requires time, commitment, and perseverance, because there is no miracle drug that can restore the skin clean again overnight. While we fight acne, only natural that we want to still look perfect. So let air make-up without disturbing our efforts in fight acne, which would likely feel comfortable is by using products and techniques that will not slow your acne healing process. “Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski, CEO of Herborium Group, Inc. Cream pemutih wajah yang bagus



Perform perfectly when the healing process of acne is not as difficult as you think. Makeup used should be appropriate and impress natural course, which will make you look like without make-up air. Most women make the mistake of wearing makeup is too thick to cover pimples and blemishes caused. The following 7 steps are air-make up for those of you who have facial acne prone skin, which quoted from the site acneease.com.

tips to make up for acne prone skin

Make Up Minimalist

Always choose a style air-minimalist makeup, and choose the makeup is made from natural ingredients. Many outstanding cosmetic turned out to contain many toxic chemicals, which can cause cancer or other diseases if used continuously. In addition, cosmetics containing chemicals can inhibit acne treatment process.


Use a natural moisturizer, lightweight, and non-comedogenic so the foundation will stick perfectly on your skin, and looks fresh. Apply on face about 5-10 minutes before applying foundation.


Choose a foundation that suits your skin. No problem cream or liquid, as long as it contains no oil, paraffin, or other comedogenic ingredients. Another important thing, do not use too thick to cover blemishes or acne.


After applying foundation, use a concealer cream (color of foundation) that matches your skin to cover blemishes and pimples you. If there is spotting mecah, use a green corrector concealer before. For the black spots on the skin that is dark use corrector peach.

For maximum results, use a nylon brush. If you use concealer for under-eye circles, use a concealer with the same level of color lighter than the color of your skin.

Powder and Blush On

Use a powder on your face only if there is a glazed area. Otherwise, it is not necessary. If you want to use blush, choose a light colored dust and just wipe the cheeks only. To be durable, use a powder blush after.

Eyeshadow and Mascara

To brighten eyes, use section eyeshadow eyelid and corner of your eye. In order to perform optimally, combine the color with the right selection of colors on the eyelid and corner of the eye, and consider also the color corresponding to the color of your skin. As a final step of your eye makeup, use a black or brown mascara to make your eyes look more alive.


Apply a light colored lipstick or neutral, then add ulaskan lip-gloss afterwards.

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