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Day Menu Alternative Gout Sufferers

Have a uric acid levels that exceed normal limits, where food intake even doctors drug consumption demands attention, it does not mean the daily menu to be bland and not tasteful.



Alternative Day Menu

2 glasses of water
papaya slices
steamed carrot salad
siem steamed pumpkin salad
1 egg seasoning sauce

Papaya and salad consumed at least 30 minutes before breakfast rice. Rice given time to eat soup seasoning sauce

Intermezzo :
2 glasses of water


1 cup water
soursop juice without sugar
sauteed collards
steamed fish
1/2 ripe fried tempe bacem
Cayenne pepper

Soursop juice and sautéed mustard greens consumed at least 30 minutes before lunch. Rice sauce sauteed given time to eat.

Intermezzo :
steamed banana kepok
warm tea without sugar

Night :
2 glasses of water
guava slices
wheat bread without margarine, low-fat cheese filled sheet, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes

Before bed: 1 cup of water

Recipes Pepes milkfish

Material :
+/- 1 kg of milk without spines and heads
50 ml coconut milk
spices: 6 spring onions, 3 cloves of garlic, 2-3 red chillies, 3-4 pecan, 1-2 cm turmeric
lime leaves
salt to taste
skewers width

How to make :
Sprinkle milk with lemon juice, let sit for a moment
Mix milk, spices, salt and coconut milk
The mixture blender until smooth
Subtle blend of fish shaped like a fish with a skewer as the backbone of a fish
Grilled evenly over the coals
Wrap the fish meat mixture and orange leaves in banana leaf
Steam for 30 minutes
Remove and serve

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