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Diagnosis and Medical Examination Infertility in Women

There are many ways to check infertility in women. Millions of women experiencing infertility. If you are having problems with the pregnancy did not come or difficult to get descent, you are not alone. The good news is that infertile women can also get a child.



How to diagnosis and medical examinations infertility in women?

When faced with problems of infertility, either the couple themselves, friends or family there appears a lot of questions related to that problem in mind. Diagnose infertility takes many months, so do not be nervous if it had not been notified in the near future. Sterility test usually begins with a physical exam and questions related to individual medical records.

The physical test is similar to a regular pelvic tests. Officers will use ultrasound to view the uterus and ovaries. It may also be necessary blood tests to check hormone in the body. You also may be examined blood around your menstrual period. Tests is required for diagnosis and medical examination of infertility in women.

Officers will also ask you to search for a pattern of ovulation by checking your temperature, checking cervical mucus or ovulation test at home using the tools that can be purchased freely in pharmacies. Special tests may be performed to see if the tube falupi open or not. This test is called HSG, or hysterosalpingogram where women would lie down on the examination table.

A tube is inserted into the cervix. Special fluid into the tube and then pushed it and the clerk will use x-ray beam to view the liquid. Officers will check the tube and walked into the uterus through the fallopian tube. In this way you can know whether the fallopian tubes are open or not. In some cases, small surgical process will be conducted to look into the body and examine all parts of organs with regard to the process of human reproduction. It would be helpful to know that inhibit pregnancy disorders. It was an exhaustive process to know the diagnosis and medical examination of infertility in women.

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