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Downloading Camtasia videos from the web is not as uncomplicated as it you would hope. That’s because all the files that constitute a Camtasia video are not incorporated into the web page as natural links.

Instead, dependant regarding the edition of Camtasia that made the video in the first place, the names of the files are kept in diverse positions within the HTML, XML and JS files that constitute the web page.

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So if you were to do a File -> Save As in your browser, you won’t get every last one of the files you need. schmuck lumber 17325 weather radar .

This critique identifies how to distil the true names of the files from a web page created by Camtasia Studio version 2.

As an example, understand this page on the ContactLex.com website:


Open the web page in your browser, and then select View -> Source.

In the TITLE tag, you will see the text “Created by Camtasia Studio 2″. As a rule pages created with this version of Camtasia comprise that as the title text, so that is the initial thing to look out for.

You should see a block looking like this when you search down the page:

src = “TestCamtasiaStudio211_controller.swf?csConfigFile=TestCamtasiaStudio211_config.xml”

flashvars = “csConfigFile=TestCamtasiaStudio211_config.xml”

quality = “high”

bgcolor =”FFFFFF”

width = “1008″

height = “593″

type = “application/x-shockwave-flash”

Although you can find no anchor text (A) tags in that block, most additional file names are contained in this portion. So these are the files you need from this block:



Unfortunately, the real video name isn’t also specified here. To obtain that filename, you must look within the XML file, where you should glimpse


This is certainly the actual name of the video file, which is the main file that you require. In this example, it is an SWF file.

One method for getting these files is to employ file download manager software, and download all the following files one after the other:





Such a long time you should then be able to double click on the HTML file on your own hard disk, and the Camtasia video should commence playing as you have downloaded all the files correctly.

Does this seem like a heap of trouble? A more way that is convenient download Camtasia Studio 2 videos is to employ Camtasia Video Downloader, which does many of the toil for you personally.

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