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The Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic system is in-charge in controlling the immune system and flushing out toxins out from the body. It is made up of vast and complex framework of vessels and ducts that helps in the flow of a fluid that is special for our body’s waste elimination and virus removal.

Cellulite and the Lymphatic System

Cells under the skin’s surface receive fresh blood free from toxins and wastes from the blood vessels. It is the system that is lymphatic is responsible for detoxifying the blood before passes through various cells in the body. Whenever a lymph that is specific is blocked, the toxins and wastes that are on its way out from the body may get trapped in certain specified areas, and begin to buildup.

The amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing to the connective tissue that holds the fat cells down will deplete in parallel to poor blood circulation in areas that are prone to cellulite. This will result to the hardening and thickening of the tissue that is connective localized pulling on the skin above, while the fat, toxins, and fluid accumulated underneath pushes upward. The aggregate result of all these is the distinct cottage cheese or orange peel appearance of your skin.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Dr Emil Vodder, a French physician developed this cellulite treatment massage in the 1930s. Its main objective is to promote the elimination of waste and toxin buildup by applying gentle pressure strokes on the cellulite area that is affected. The heat and specialized strokes from this cellulite treatment improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage so the accumulated wastes and toxins are excreted naturally. This expulsion will help in the softening of the connective tissue, and ultimately, get rid of cellulite prominence on the surface of the skin.

It is seen that a trained therapist’s manual administration of the massage can produce best results compared to doing the cellulite treatment yourself.

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Specifically designed devices that are hand-held also available in the market and cosmetic clinics that utilizes the power of suction. An example of this is the Tri-Active cellulite treatment system.

Alternative Lymphatic Drainage Techniques

clash of clans hack There are other approaches to effectively get rid of cellulite through the stimulation of lymphatic drainage. An example of this is Pressotherapy. This natural remedy for cellulite involves wrapping inflatable cushioned pads across the leg. The inflation and deflation of the pads will even stimulate drainage that is lymphatic but its efficacy is lesser compared to therapeutic massage. .

Other methods for to eliminate cellulite by the removal of toxins from the body are colon cleansing, incorporating fresh and raw foods in one’s dietary plan, learning deep breathing techniques, working out frequently, drinking adequate amount of water, acupuncture, avoiding clothing that restricts blood flow, and visiting the sauna on a regular basis.

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In the fight against cellulite, the way that is best to remove the unsightly dimples is by uprooting its underlying toxic cause. A fortified lymphatic system is not only beneficial to get rid of cellulite; it will also help in protecting the body from more serious infirmities in the long run.

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