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Easy Ways to Take Care Damaged Hair Naturally

Hair is the crown and must be maintained health. Sometimes people often indifferent form a variety of styles in the hair, it will make the hair tortured and finally broken. Some of the causes are found such as hair coloring, hair mencatok, rebonding and smoothing. It it is quite useful to add style your hair becomes more beautiful, modern and attractive. But there are things you should know that the side effects of each of these methods.cara mengatasi rambut rontok



If your scalp is not resistant to the chemicals and processes used it will damage the health of the scalp and the hair eventually also damaged, dry, fall and branched out from lack of nutrients. For that identify the cause of damage to the hair and treat damaged hair in a natural way or with materials suitable for your scalp.

How to care for damaged hair loss, dry and naturally branched

Olive oil is very well known in the field of hair care, because it is rich in vitamin A, E, C which can provide nutrients to the skin, hair and damaged hair. By using olive oil as a mask done regularly then the hair that had once broken, loss, dry and branching will soon be healthy again quickly. How to use it as a hair mask or hair of energy in general, the hair after shampooing rub gently with a towel until slightly dry, then apply olive oil on the scalp and massage gently and evenly. Do massage for 5-10 minutes and apply olive oil throughout the hair strands so that the nutrients can be absorbed by the scalp and hair strands. Then let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. It’s easy is not it? Do it runtin for maximum results.

how to care for and cope with damaged hair and split ends using aloe vera. Using aloe vera is a natural way that can be used, because the content of the sap that has been shown to discolor the hair and make hair straight and healthy. It is very easy to download large size aloe because aloe vera stem the large size of the rod certainly contain more vitamin E. Then cut into sections and sides, apply the sap to the scalp and do the massage gently. But before your hair should be rinsed first with warm water and dry semi-arid. After doing the massage with aloe vera sap, apply to all strands of hair. Then let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Try to do it regularly 2-3 times a week for a month and see the results.
How to treat damaged hair for smoothing

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your scalp. Many types and brands of shampoos and conditioners that are already in the nearest store. Choose appropriate and you usually use for maximum results do not wash it every day. Shampoo and conditioner is to reduce the effects of hair damaged by smoothing.

Second, pay attention to your nutritional intake. Eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A, C, E so that the scalp and hair can be healthy again. The intake of this nutrient is important is actually needed by the body. Not just the hair, eyes and skin any part of the body can also get the benefits.

Third avoid hair dryers. Hair dryer is used to dry the hair, but it is wonderful you dry your hair is relaxed with a soft dry towel and then aerated until dry, then after that you comb neatly. If forced to use a hair dryer to use in the position of not too hot.

Use a comb no sharp edges and toothed. It is indeed trivial but can be bad for the health of your scalp and hair.

In addition you can also use hair vitamins to help treat damaged hair for smoothing in order to more quickly healthy again.

So that we can say to you about how to treat damaged hair, loss, dry and branched naturally because of smoothing. Perform routine within a month there will surely result. See clearly the difference after doing some treatment. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting.

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