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Eating Spicy, Fastest Solution Eliminate Sadness – Living sometimes above sometimes carry. There is love there must also wounded. There are times when we laugh but there are also days where we tears.


As I was sad, usually the day so noticeably gray. There is no longer a passion for business as usual. Also it felt had not the energy to try to smile as usual. I wish to cry continuously and alienated from the real world.

But the cook yes you want to continue to sink in the dumps? Be sad but do not stay long or get too far. And if you are still confused also how to repel sadness, try deh solution to this one.

Reporting from lifehack.org, one of the most powerful ways to eliminate sadness is by eating spicy foods. It may seem a little strange, yes. But it turned out a spicy meal can also provide amazing benefits to the body.

Eating spicy foods will help the body to produce endorphins which can make the body feel better and preferably. When we eat spicy food, then the content of capsaicin in the chili will be attached to the pain receptors in the mucous membranes of the mouth and hidang. So that a signal will be sent to the brain that “apprise” when we’re in pain, so that the body naturally produces endorphins that make us feel better.

Of course meal portions should also be regulated, yes Ladies. Just because you’re sad, you immediately consume all kinds of spicy food there. It is also important to pay attention to and maintain a healthy body and digestion. Do not want it later even diarrhea or abdominal pain because most eat spicy food?

In addition to eating spicy food, there are other ways to eliminate the sadness that you feel. For example, by exercising, eating chocolate, multiply smiling, the streets, and a vent with a friend.

Sad was reasonable and could happen to anyone. Just do not let your life get trapped in grief for too long. However, life still goes on.

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