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Efficacy leaves Angsana for Children and Parents – Benefits Leaves Angsana for Children and Parents. Angsana often called sonokembang in terms of the Java language. But if the language of their biology is known as the Angsana (pterocarpus willd indicus). Angsana tree is known to be a medicinal tree native to Indonesia. Angsana leaves a lot of benefit to health. Tips agar anak anda cepat pandai jalan


Angsana leaves very useful for treating various diseases, both for parents or children. for example, diabetes, ulcers, burns, and ulcers. Usually Angsana tree is often planted as a living fence and shade trees along the edge of the garden. Being able to help improve soil fertility.

Angsana Leaves Benefits for Children and Parents:

To treat thrush and Dental Hospital. Required materials include: Bark Angsana 4 grams; Saga fresh leaves 4 grams; Betel leaf fresh three strands; Air 115 ml.Cara making: Made infusion or brewed. If necessary add 10 grams of gypsum in beningan, silenced for a moment, then strained and taken part beningnya.Cara use: To rinse, every 3 hours, 50 ml each time use, if necessary, can be diluted with water.

Help Fight Diabetes Mellitus, or Diabetes. Angsana leaf properties have been proven. From some research confirming that leaves Angsana able to help control blood sugar levels. Therefore, for those of you who may still have difficulty in controlling blood sugar levels, no one not, if you try natural treatment with Angsana leaves. You can boil the leaves Angsana sheet as much as 5/6 and then drink the cider stew. Do it regularly to obtain maximum results.

Angsana Leaf Efficacy for Treating Ulcers. This ulcer disease often occurs in children, even in the elderly. How to take a leaf properties Angsana This can be done with a fine grind leaves Angsana then you stick to the ulcerating. But, before you paste collision Angsana leaves should be cleaned prior to first boils with alcohol. Replace every three hours to the collision of Angsana new leaf.

Overcoming leaves Angsana to Burn. Angsana leaves can also be used to treat burns. If your child or yourself as a parent suffered injuries due to burns, you can use this as a cure Angsana leaves. This is due to the leaves have Angsana Angsana flavonoids in leaves that can help relieve the pain arising from the burn. How to take a leaf properties Angsana This can be done by grinding the leaves Angsana until smooth, then you stick to the burns it.

So healthy tips this time, the benefits and efficacy of leaves Angsana for Children and Parents. May be useful to increase the knowledge of parents about the benefits of a plant that is around us are. In this matter, namely the efficacy and benefits of Angsana leaves.

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