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Excess Sweating? Here’s How to Overcome – Indonesia is a tropical country with an average high temperature. So the sweat seemed to be a ‘friend’ people familiar Indonesia. Moreover, the current trend with the increasing density of activity, which can lead to excessive sweating. There are a lot of negative things that can happen as a result of the excessive amount of sweat production. Diantaraya is body odor, when the body secretes smelling aroma, then your confidence may be down, especially if your body scent that smells can disturb others.
Well, the tips below will help you to sweat production is not produced in excess by doing the following ways. Cara memperbanyak ASI


1. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine and Spicy Food

Beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, chocolate and drinks or food containing caffeine Traffic will stimulate sweat to get out more. Besides foods containing chili and have a spicy flavor will make you spend a lot of sweat. For example, when you enjoy a bowl of meatballs with spicy sauce, then do not be surprised if the sweat will start wetting your body. For spicy sensation that ditimbulnya participate also contributed to the increase in the amount of sweat. While the food was smelling like onions or garlic will make the sweat released had a bad odor scent. for that you should avoid foods that taste too strong while you’re at work or in a public place. Because when your body releases less pleasant aroma, it is certainly going to limit the space for you and makes you less confident to move.

2. Reduce Weight

If you include people with excess weight, then to reduce the production of excessive sweating, weight loss will be very helpful. For the more obese a person, the body temperature will be increasingly difficult to cool so that the sweat production will continue to be issued. Thus, do not be surprised if you see a friend or relative who has a chubby body, then when he did move a little, sweat dripping will look like it has been doing heavy exercise.

3. Avoid Clothes with Color Light

When you are wearing circuitry white or other bright colors such as yellow, green or blue then others will tend to more easily see the sweat released by your body. Conversely, if you are wearing a shirt with a dark color, sweat out of your body will not be too visible. Can we imagine how embarrassed when someone medapati that excessive sweating armpits termbus and visible section, others who see will probably think twice to come close to us.

4. Use Deodorant

Deodorant is quite effective in helping reduce body odor and reduces the amount of sweat, especially in the armpit. This is due to the deodorant function in clog pores, so sweat can be locked and stopped. However, please be aware there are many chemicals contained in deodorants can cause sampping effects such as red rash on trowels to irritation. Therefore, if you have complaints or efeksamping after wearing deodorant, should refrain from using this deodorant.

5. Visit the Doctor

If the above methods are less effective overcome excessive sweating, possible abnormalities in your body. Therefore, immediately contact your doctor to consult with your complaint.

Basically, the sweat is an important part of fisiolegi and your body’s metabolic processes. Only if the amount spent too much, it would be very mengganghu you to socialize and hang out. Now, by applying the above manner, is expected to help you cope.

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