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Exercising While Pregnant, Boost Fetal Brain Development – Pregnancy is not an excuse for a mother not doing light physical activity makes the body stay in shape. One of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy is to help improve fetal brain development. Tips mudik untuk wanita hamil


dr. Marissa, SpA

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“Sports can do pregnant women would benefit both mother and developing fetus. Especially for infant brain development that began in the fetus.”

In a study presented at the Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, has proved that “At the age of 10 days, the little one has the maturity level of the brain are better if the mother is exercising during pregnancy, compared to children whose mothers did not exercise during pregnancy, “said Elise Labonte-LeMoyne, Ph.D. Experts kinesiology from the University of Montreal.

In this study also explained that moderate exercise performed by pregnant women, should be routinely performed for 20 minutes three times a week. Besides a role in fetal brain development
Fetus or fetus is the name given to infants …
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, Moderate exercise also makes Mom has a longer breath, the body is more flexible and stronger bones.

Brain Exercise Benefits For Small Si
Diligent exercise during pregnancy, the brain is able to optimize the development of Kecil.Manfaatnya among others:
- Small Si will have a better ability to process sound is repeated
- Later, the little one will have a more mature brain function
- The development of the fetal brain in the womb will be faster

Exercise Benefits For Mother Brain
Exercise will make your body always fit and help maintain the health of Mother psychology.

The benefits include:
- Assisting mother avoided the depression
Depression is a common mental disorder characterized by k …
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- Helping handling depressive disorder in advanced stage
- Increasing the sharpness of memory Capital
- Helping the mother to have a good focus

Exercising Carefully
Mothers need to remain careful when exercising during pregnancy, the following things must be the mother noticed:
- Sensitive to changes or signs of emerging from your body when berolahraga- Prepare mineral water
Minerals are nutrients required to maintain keseh …
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near the region Mother exercising
- Prepare healthy snacks to eat before exercise, to improve the power mother during exercise
- Do not exercise outdoors when the air temperature is very hot
- Use a comfortable workout clothes, not too thick and tight
- Use appropriate shoes for sports that do

Improve exercise for pregnant women with nutrition
Nutrients are substances in food that is required by the organism …
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