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Fill half or Half Empty

If half a glass of water put into a glass, the glass is half full or half empty? Perhaps you’ve heard the story of two children who are optimistic and pessimistic about his attitude towards half a bucket of water, if half the contents or half empty. But who else will be discussed here, because the answer is half empty or half the contents of both can be both true.



If you say that the glass is full, it also can be the correct answer. And it is precisely the most correct answer. Why? Because the glass is full: half-filled with water and the other half filled with air, so the total is the glass full. Who answered half the contents can also be true if the viewpoint of the content of the glass is fixed on the water alone. Air forgotten for a while.

Half empty is also true, literally. But such answers indicate that we always focus on the no not focus on who is going to make us have a sense of gratitude. While gratitude will increase our self-motivation. But for others the context of the answer to this is no good, for example, when we are developing a plan to achieve something, we have to look at the vacancy so that it can determine what action should be taken to fill it.

It turns out, from a glass half filled with water can provide multiple points of view. This gives wisdom to us that in looking at something must be from different aspects, we could not see from one side and then a conclusion that seemed inviolable again. If by chance we look at the positive aspects, thank God, but if we happen to look at the negative aspects, our lives will be forever stuck in negative beliefs.

If you currently feel unable to do anything, it may be because you’ve seen from one side only. Maybe if you look from different aspects, you will realize that you are able to do so. If at this time you feel something is not important, it may be because you just look at it from one side only, but maybe if we look at the various aspects, we will find positive things from it.

Think more broadly by seeing things from different viewpoints aspects will make us smarter, more observant, more open to opportunities, and have a better self motivation. Take advantage of our minds, do not just waste the blessings that God has given to us. This is one way we are grateful, that optimize our minds.

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