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Fixing Notebook or Laptop Affected Water

If your laptop exposed to accidental liquid spills, the most important thing to do is the cleaning process as soon as possible before the corrosion! Fluid intrusion may cause some damage to the laptop, namely:
• There is a short (short-circuit / short circuit) due to the conductive properties of the liquid (this problem may not occur if the liquid has dried)
• There is a short for the remainder / residual liquid has dried
• There corrosion (when the acid-containing fluid, such as coke)
• Electronic components are damaged due to a short circuit at the top.cara mengunakan internet



As soon as the liquid spill occurs, turn off the laptop, unplug the adapter and battery, position the laptop upside-down for a few hours. Remove the remaining / residual liquid: to remove the remaining / residual liquid that dries, remove your laptop keyboard. Use cotton (cotton buds) and alcohol for cleaning and do it carefully. If the liquid spills allegedly contains elements of corrosion, then redeeming cotton and contact cleaner. – See more at: http://www.stardataservice.com/2014/08/memperbaiki-notebook-atau-laptop.html#sthash.USfQxOFR.dpuf

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