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Flowers for Health Benefits Turi – Turi Flowers red, in addition to be used as an ornamental plant is also used as an herb for treating various diseases.

Flower benefits Turi (Sesbania grandiflora) – Turi is one of the names of plants that exist in Indonesia. However, people often refer to it as turi turi or flowers. This is because the shape of the flowers are quite lovely with white and red colors (somewhat purplish actually). This causes the plant is used as an ornamental plant. The tree is not too high and the leaves are green but does not easily fall making it very suitable to be planted in the yard. Cara menurunkan kolesterol


According to Wikipedia, Turi is a plant originating from South Asia and Southeast Asia and then spread to several tropical countries in the world. In fact, this plant can be found in Australia. Besides its use as an ornamental plant, flower Turi also used as a food ingredient. Part of the plant used is the young leaves and flowers. Some foods that use turi example, salad, gado-gado, stir fry vegetables flowers and leaves turi turi.

Turi flower tree can grow hinnga 5-12 meters. Can thrive in areas with altitudes below 1500 asl. The outer skin is gray to brownish, uneven, with longitudinal and transverse grooves irregular, cork layer easily peeled. On the inside juicy and a little slimy. The new branching out after a plant height of about 5 m.

Leafy compound were lying scattered, with Stipule length 0.5-1 cm. 20-30 cm long leaves, pinnate even, with 20-40 pairs of short-stemmed leaves. Child leaf blade elliptic elongated, flat edge, 3-4 cm long, 0.8 to 1.5 cm wide.

Large flowers in bunches out of the axillary, located hang with 2-4-stemmed flower, bud sickle-shaped, 7-9 cm in length. When in bloom, the butterfly-shaped flowers. There are two varieties, the white flowers and red flowers. Fruit shape pods hanging, ribbon-shaped with a bulkhead between, length of 20-55 cm, a width of 7-8 mm. Seeds 15-50, transverse layout inside the pods.

Nutritional content Turi Flowers

Turi dikataka as food ingredients with nutritional value is quite high, especially on the flowers and leaves. In addition to nutritional value, Turi also contains chemical compounds that make it quite popular in traditional medicine.

The chemical constituents present in the stem bark tannins, among others, egatin, zantoagetin, basorin, resin, calcium oxalate, sulfur, peroxidase, dyestuff. On the leaves contained saponins, tannins, glycosides, peroxidase, and vitamin A and vitamin B. In the interest also include nutrients and minerals such as calcium, iron, sugars, vitamin A and vitamin B.

Section interest are softening the skin, as a laxative and conditioning. Bark is efficacious pain (analgesic), fever (antipyretic), laxative, pengelat (astringent), vomiting stimulant, tonic. While the leaves are liquefy blood clots, eliminate pain, mild laxative, laxative urine (diuretic). And here is an example of how the treatment using turi. The plant parts used are flowers, leaves, bark and roots.

1. Treating thrush

Thrush is an oral disease that causes the sufferer difficulty swallowing food. If this goes on continuously, it could be fatal. It must be immediately addressed. One remedy is to use traditional thrush turi. Fresh bark to taste, knead in the water, and the water used for rinsing. To drink, the bark is boiled first, then drink while warm.

2. Treat sore throat

Many ways to treat a sore throat with natural ingredients, one of which uses leaf turi. Way, take turi leaves to taste, then washed and kneaded in boiled water until the sap out. Water used to rinse the throat (gargle).

3. The Throat inflammation

Inflammation of the throat usually cause pain when swallowing food. It can be treated in the traditional way. Handful of red turi leaves boiled with water to taste. After chilling filtered, the water is used to rinse your mouth. Make a rinse your mouth 4 times a day.

4. Dysentery

Dysentery occur from consuming food contaminated by bacteria. Take the bark of turi red flowers, then boiled with water until tersisa1 2gelas glass. After a cold, filtered water and drunk. Perform this treatment two times a day.

5. Nail swelling

Nail swelling may occur due to hit, for example. Of course it will hurt like hell. Treat with secukupya turi leaves were washed pestle until finely ground. Stick it on the diseased nail, then wrapped with a bandage or plaster. Change bandages 2-3 times a day. Frozen blood under the nails will soon disappear and the pain will be reduced. Next time, be careful in the work, do not get hit again.

6. Treat vaginal discharge

Actually a lot of whitish traditional medicine that can be used. Using turi leaves just one of them. How, to prepare a handful of white turi leaves and turmeric for the thumb. Clean both the material and then pounded until smooth. Add 3/4 cagkir drinking water, stir, squeeze the juice and drink. Perform this treatment regularly 2 times a day.

7. traditional cough medicine

In Indonesia, the herb that has efficacy in treating cough number a lot. Turipun even flowers can do. Set up a handful of leaves and leaves of red turi inggu taste. Rinse and then pounded until smooth. Add the lemon juice or orange pecel pecel and stir well. Strain the water and then drunk.

8. Coughing up phlegm

To treat cough with phlegm, which we use as a medicine is the root of turi tree. I’ve said above right, that this turi tree roots also have medicinal properties. Turi root of the index finger is washed and finely ground, add 1/2 cup cooking water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir until evenly, then squeezed and filtered through a cloth. Drinking regularly for maximum results.

9. Enhancing ASI

Bai breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed smoothly memperoduksi was a godsend. But you need not worry if it does not happen to you. In Inonesia lot of herbs that can be used as medicine for smooth milk. One of them turi flowers. The trick was fairly easy and tasty. Take it leaves or flower buds turi taste, then steamed. Make as fresh vegetables for a friend to eat rice. Remember, the safest way of cooking is steaming. not fried or made other preparations for its nutrient content may be wasted if the wrong process.

10. Treating chickenpox

Chickenpox usually strikes aak children ages 3-7 years. If this happened to your child disease, not yet panic. Find turi tree bark for the thumb, then boiled with water. After a cold, filtered water and drunk.

11. Fever with skin eruption

The skin eruption is not currently diketahu cause. Symptoms include acne-like spots in punggun. People used to know him as prickly heat. Although not a dangerous disease, but should be treated immediately because menyebbakan itching. How can treat it with drinking boiled water turi tree bark.

12. A runny nose

Lots Yag cause sudden runny nose or watery. Could be because vrius, bacteria or other disease and foreign objects that enter the nose. For megngatasinya download setgenggam turi leaves and flowers then pounded until smooth. Add half a cup of boiled water and then diaudk evenly. After the water is squeezed and drunk.

13. Treating headaches

Mild headache may dobati with traditional herbs are inherited from our ancestors .. One out using turi leaves and flowers. Take a handful of leaves and flowers only then diumbuk finely and add half a cup of warm water. After a cold, filtered water and drunk.

14. puerperal fever

Parturition is 40 days after delivery in which they can occur the blood out. This period is often characterized by symptoms of fever, especially if there is an infection. One alternative medicine to solve this is by using a leaf turi. Caraya download handheld 1/3 turi leaves and then milled until smooth. Add 3/4 cup of water and a little salt. Squeeze the water then filtered and drunk.

Okay, that was it some benefits Turi interest for health and traditional medicine. Who yahng thought, the tree which we regard as an ornamental plant is so much saving efficacy of treatment. Its nutrient content is also not kidding. This is certainly enough to describe the natural wealth of Indonesia.

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