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Food is important for Facial Beauty – Having an attractive appearance and backed with a beautiful face is the desire of every woman. through the beauty that radiates from the beauty of the face, a woman will have a high confidence to face all the problems that exist. There are different ways to get facial appearance according to the desired standard of beauty, ranging from traditional to very modern way. The traditional manner or obtain natural beautiful face is through food consumption. Nutritional content of any on foods that are important for facial beauty? Cara menghilangkan bulu kaki



What is the nutritional content?

The following will present some nutrient content of food is important for the beauty of the face, as compiled from various sources, namely:

Antioxidants. Antioxidants are one type of nutritional foods handy to ward off free radicals contained in food or bad air quality. A free radical is a substance that is toxic and can damage the structure of skin cells.
Vitamin E. Vitamin E is useful to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of skin tissue, so that the skin is not easily curled or wrinkled. Intake of Vitamin E which is supported by the exercise routine would be able to increase the effectiveness of skin elasticity.
Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a nutrient that is useful to maintain and defend the body against bacteria, including bacteria that can trigger acne. Vitamin C is also useful to lighten the color of the skin, so the skin will look more radiant.
Collagen. Collagen is a type of protein derived compounds that are useful to regenerate skin cells that have been damaged. Besides useful to regenerate skin cells, collagen can also be useful to maintain the elasticity of the skin so as not susceptible to wrinkles.

Such kinds of nutrient content of food is important for facial beauty. One important thing that must be done in order to always look beautiful skin is to avoid the causes of skin health disorder, such as a healthy lifestyle. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle can be done by avoiding the consumption of foods with a high fat content, avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking, and increase consumption of water contained in fruits. May be useful.

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